Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Boy Butter Gold Label window display at Chelsea, NYC

     As the official Boy Butter distributor of Chelsea in Manhattan, The Blue DVD on 8th Ave (next door to Gym Bar) is expected to have a permanent Boy Butter Lubricant window display. Usually I make sure to freshen up the window with a new fun display every couple of months to keep the neighborhood on it's toes and sufficiently educated about the wonders and uses of Boy Butter. As you most likely heard, 2013 is our tenth anniversary and we debuted a commemorative product called Boy Butter Gold Label. It is our most beautiful product yet and it is very "green" as well as it is gold since a portion of it's proceeds go to global reforestation programs so you can fight global warming while keeping things warm in the bedroom.

To see my new window display for yourself visit:

The Blue DVD
165 8th Ave (between 18th and 19th)
NY NY 10011
Pyramid of gold
Happy 10th Anniversary!
Upon closer inspection
Is that paraphernalia? Holy McGillicudy!
Me next to the Boy Butter Lubricant section of the Blue DVD
(as proud as one can be in an adult store)

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