Monday, January 21, 2013

My super model sister heats up top French Jewish web mag, Jew Pop

 My super model sister, Donna Feldman, is heating things up wherever she goes, especially in Europe. Normally it is Germany that brings her back to the Old World time and time again but it looks like her feminine wiles have charmed her way into the hearts and minds of the French Jewish community, which is Europe's largest. In an article by Josee Benazeraf in top French Jewish web magazine, Jew Pop, entitled Ashkenazic Boombastic (loosely translated as Euro-Jewish bombshell) see Donna Feldman as their belle femme juive. This article is in French only, but that is why G-d created Google Translate. Click here to read original Jew Pop article: Donna Feldman, Ashkénaze Boombastic!

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