Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mile High Club here I come!

Ever thought of becoming a member of the Mile High Club? Boy Butter (I know, right?) has now made it that much easier to join the erotic elite with the release of the brand’s new 3 oz., TSA-approved tubs of personal lubricant, and smaller sample packets of its other lines, that passengers can bring on-board an aircraft.

"I created the TSA-approved tubs because I wanted people to have an easy way to carry lube wherever they travel," says Boy Butter creator Eyal Feldman (above). "Lube can be expensive, and it often comes sold in big tubes. These tubs are perfect for travel, and can fit in any carry-on bag."

At only 24 years of age, New York entrepreneur Eyal Feldman set out to create a personal male lubricant that would be as slick and long-lasting as silicon-based lubricants and clean up as easily as those that are water-based. He found his answer in a vegetable oil and silicone fusion-based product he termed Boy Butter, which became an instant hit and has steadily gained mainstream popularity, earning the brand coverage in places such as 'Saturday Night Live,' 'Tonight Show with Jay Leno,' 'MadTV,' 'Comedy Central's Daily Show' and 'Talk Soup' on E!

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Passover at the White House

In what has become an annual tradition, President Obama will take part in a private Seder at the White House this evening to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Passover.
The unlikely annual event began back in April 2008, the New York Times reports, when a group of low-level staff members gathered for an improvised Seder at a Pennsylvania hotel. To their surprise, then-candidate Obama, who is Christian, showed up and joined in.
Last year, with Mr. Obama in the White House, the president took part again. This time there were a few more in attendance, and Malia and Sasha Obama did the traditional duties of Jewish children -- asking questions about the purpose of the celebration and searching for matzo hidden in the furniture. (The picture above comes from last year's Seder.)
This evening's event, which will take place in the Old Family Dining Room, will reportedly include about 20 guests, including top aides David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett as well as lower-level staffers. The guests will offer prayers and tell the traditional biblical story of the liberation of the Israelites from slavery.
Passover begins at sunset Monday. The Seder feast grew out of a Bible passage instructing Jews to tell the story of their exit from Egypt.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Boy Butter sponsors Gay Volleyball tournament in NYC

Boy Butter Lubricants is proud to sponsor The Big Apple Classic, the largest GLBT volleyball tournament outside of Nationals. This year 74 of the gayest volleyball teams from all over North America will be competing in 4 divisions over two days at Queens College. Dates for the tournament are March 27th and 28th. Registration and meet and greet for the
athletes will be held at GYM Sportsbar on Friday the 26th from 7-11pm in the Locker Room. 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hedda Lettuce shoots new Boy Butter Ad

Last night Hedda and I shot what will be a hilarious new Boy Butter spot. I was feeling very patriotic recently and wanted to do a Boy Butter ad that highlighted it being 100% American Made.

The Boy Butter Commercial was a patriotic spot, with Hedda  dressed in stars and stripes in front of an American Flag, with the Boy Butter logo over the stars.  She looked like a modern day Tootsie. 

Go see Hedda's Boy Butter sponsored show in SF next week.

Rrazz Room at Hotel Nikko
222 Mason Street
San Francisco, CA 94102-2115
(415) 781-0306 
$25/ Showtime is 10:15pm

Booty Bling and Boy Butter

Product Review: Crystal Delights Glass Plug with Boy Butter A new company called Virtually Adult offered me their Crystal Delights glass plug to review, and I jumped at the chance. I have been coveting two things (okay, I covet a lot of things, but two of them include…) for a long time: a glass plug, and a jeweled plug. This was the best of both! I received the beautiful glass plug with a clear jewel in the base, and it really is gorgeous.

The plug came in a padded black bag that closes easily with two elastic straps. It’s a great storage case, and along with keeping the plug safe, no one would have any clue what was in it. Along with the plug, I received a sample of water-based Boy Butter, You'll Never Know it isn't Boy Butter with the plug.  To read the rest of the article, please click here.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Boy Butter Booth at Black Party Expo

We had a very successful showing at the first ever Black Party Expo this weekend. We made lots of sales, lots of new customers and the party afterwards was off the hook. Below is a picture of my booth with my aussie friend Matt here, who despite his seemingly gloomy disposition was having a good 'ol time. I also included some photos of the view from my booth. But because this is a family blog, I had to block out the naughty.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Timeout NY features Boy Butter for Black Party Weekend

Timeout NY features Boy Butter photos are #13 and #14: Read more:

Boy ButterEyal Feldman has been hawking this cheekily named lube since 2003, and the line of products has expanded to include such delights as You’ll Never Know It Isn’t Boy Butter along with the all-natural Boy Butter Bonerz Male Enhancement products. Feldman and Boy Butter have been sponsors of the Black Party for six years because: “I want to support the Black Party, ’cause it has always supported Boy Butter.”
For more product info please visit,

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Boy Butter and Bachelorette Parties

Amy Levine, M.A. is a nationally recognized sexologist, sex coach and certified sexuality educator based in NYC.   With over 15 years of experience, Amy has her Masters Degree in Human Sexuality from NYU and certification from the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists.  When she’s not coaching clients, consulting, writing about sex or getting quoted in magazines as well as online (including Men’s HealthCosmopolitanSELF  and,) she’s presenting workshops at various events--from corporate gatherings and national conferences to cocktail and bachelorette parties.  Amy’s most recent bachelorette soiree was this past weekend, where 25 women were psyched to learn from this petite powerhouse.  A highlight of the night:  Hearing Amy rave about Boy Butter, every woman couldn’t wait to try it out on her man.  Of course, being a sexuality educator she used this teachable moment to let the ladies know that oil-based lube shouldn’t be used with latex contraceptives.  And, keeping their vaginal health in mind, that oil-based products are best for fooling around, but not a good idea for vaginal sex play or intercourse.  Besides, being that fooling around is often forgotten in relationships --since most couples fast forward to intercourse--it's something that surely makes for a sizzling sex life.  Especially, when a hand job with Boy Butter is on the erotic menu.  

To Learn more about Amy at

For more info on Boy Butter and the amazing H20 Boy Butter (latex-safe) personal lubricants please visit

Confronting Anti-Israel Attitudes on Facebook

The following is a confrontation via Facebook with a person who did not like my pro-Israel status update which supports Jewish housing in Israel. It is very important to speak plainly and with truth to counter anti-Zionism which is incredibly popular among far leftists who decry expressions of nationalism:
Eyal Feldman Israel should build as many Jewish neighborhoods as they want and can and if the Arabs have a problem with it, there are 22 other Arab countries they can move to that outlaw any Jewish residence.
Israel's prime minister told his party that Israel will continue to build in Jerusalem
Yesterday at 6:41pm ·  ·  · Share

Yesterday at 6:41pm ·  ·  · Share

Thomas Dennis
Thomas Dennis
Eyal, you should take a look at this: "Israel has no intention of lifting the blockade on Gaza, halting settlement expansion, including the 1,600 new homes to be built in East Jerusalem, or reversing its division of the West Bank into impoverished ghettos of Palestinians. The growing brutality and violence of the occupation, no longer easy to deny or hide, coupled with Israel's growing status as an international pariah, have unleashed a crackdown against all those within the Jewish state who are blamed for the bad publicity..." Chris Hedges | Israeli Crackdown Puts Liberal Jews on the Spot.
11 hours ago · 
Eyal Feldman
Eyal Feldman
Thomas, Jews are not to blame for the world's ills, we have been there before, think specifically 15th century Spain, and generally 20th century Europe, its tired and old and we will not let people take away our country. The Palestinians are more interested in destroying the Jewish State than building their own state, we all know it's not settlements, or East Jerusalem, Jerusalem is one united city and settlements are just Jewish areas, we will not let racist segregationists like you promoting an agenda of redividing the city along ethnic lines like Jordan did before 1967. Jews can and should be able to reside anywhere they want in Israel. The fact that you put Palestinian failures on the shoulders of Israel just shows you that you are not interested in Improving the lives of those you purport to support. You are blinded by a left wing ideology that ignores islamic militant violence or simply blame Israel for intolerance that arabs practice daily in every country they control. What more do you want? Israel pulled out of Gaza in 2005, and what did we get? We got Hamastan and 8000 rockets on Israeli cities, and you act as if it never happened. if we pull Jews out of their homes terrorists will fill their place, just like Gaza. People like you crave denial of Zionism and delegitimize the existence of Israel and Jewish National Expression. If you would criticize Islamic crazies like you do Israel than Europe may see the end of its Anti-Semtic political stains.
10 hours ago · 

Nadav Levi
damn i feel like someone stole my words...way to go Feldman!
10 hours ago · 
J Ariel Hoffman
J Ariel Hoffman
A fuc^ing MEN !!!!
10 hours ago · 

Monday, March 15, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

Boy Butter on LA Talk Radio

Listen to the sound bite

This was a snippet of Boy Butter shout out in an interview that took place on Sunday, March 7 between Internet sensation Deven Green (, who has famously created the "Welcome to My Home" parody series of America's Best Christian Betty Bowers, and the host of LA Talk Radio's Question Reality, Priscilla Leona.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Boy Butter donates free products to GMHC

As a collective thank you Boy Butter donates 164 full size tubs of it's popular water based personal lubricant to GMHC. The Gay Men's Health Crisis (GMHC) founded in 1982, it's a New York City based non-profitvolunteer supported and community-based AIDS service organization. The organization has led the United States in the fight against AIDS. "I support the important social work done by the staff at GMHC and I wanted to show them that they are appreciated for their dedication, selflessness and hard work on the community's behalf." says Boy Butter creator Eyal Feldman. "I specifically chose to donate the water based version of Boy Butter Lubricants called You'll Never Know it isn't Boy Butter, a totally water based and latex safe cream lubricant because it actually does make for more pleasurable safe sex, and safer sex is a long standing message of GMHC." 
Krishna Stone, Assistant Director of Community Relations, let us know that the in-kind donation will be used for community outreach, distributing the products with safer sex kits at events, health fairs, etc.

For more info on Boy Butter Lubes, please visit
For more info on GMHC, please visit

Take the Fussy out of your Bottom!

Here is a new banner for Boy Butter Extreme Desensitizing Lubricant.
The popular lubricant that numbs the fun parts and eases the pain of penetration for some, or delays ejaculation for others. There's something for everybody, Boy Butter Extreme promises to Take the Fussy Out of your Bottom!

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Badger Herald: "Boy Butter Lubricants for Anal Sex"

Helpful advice for comfortably unlocking back door entrance

Tuesday, March 2, 2010 9:32 p.m

Nicolette Pawlowski
By Nicolette Pawlowski

I have a question that I would love for the sex team to answer for me. I am trying to discover the best approach for making anal sex sound appealing to my lady. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love the vagina, but every now and then I wouldn’t mind getting a little freaky (or freakier than normal, I guess). I have tried everything: 1. I would use lube 2. I would be gentle 3. I would warm her up first (you know, the 1, 2, 3 finger rule). She is just not having it. What else can I do?
Bent on Upping The Task
Dear BUTT,
It’s definitely awesome to try new things with a partner. When it comes to the butt, however, many people aren’t interested in heading there because of some misconceived notions. Specifically: poop. Many people think the butt is simply made for the pooping function and that the moment you start playing back there poop will start flying. That is simply not true.
So let’s do a quick anatomy lesson to dispel those worries. You have the colon and the rectum. The rectum is about 6 inches long and is the canal your finger would enter if you were to slide it (with lube) past the anal sphincter. The colon is curled after the rectum and is the place where poop is stored until it is ready to be removed. The only time you have to worry about poop is when it moves from the colon into the rectum. We all know when that happens because we all typically get that full feeling in our butt at least once a day, meaning you should be heading to the toilet some time soon. With regular bath time and wiping front to back, there will be only trace amounts of poop anywhere around the butt. If your honey is still worried about that, an enema of water before playing can remove any last traces.
Now, dear readers, I am sure you are thinking, why play back there at all? Nerves! Bunches of them! That’s what makes sex so great! The rectum has tons of nerves that are just waiting to be titillated and stroked. And for male-bodied individuals, you can access the prostate, also termed the male g-spot. Some people swear the orgasms they have through the anus are the best they have ever experienced. Of course, others swear that a good kiss is the best high ever produced. To each their own.
Sex in the butt can be incredible. Now that we have put aside poop fright, let’s explore how it’s best done to reach those great orgasmic heights. For someone who is just starting out with anal play, it’s best to mix it in with the regular stuff. As you are licking her clit, take a well lubed finger and lightly stroke her sphincter. You can even do some rimming (a.k.a. butt licking) as you finger your partner. Note that a sex dam (a square piece of latex that comes in different colors and flavors) can help protect you from STIs during oral sex and also add some extra fruity flavor. Mix the new with the already awesome to get your partner relaxed and warmed up for some additional anal fun.
As you have already mentioned, you need to start out small. Start with one finger and work up. Try a small butt plug (a sex toy with a flared base) and use it while having vaginal intercourse. Because of the thin wall between the vagina and the butt, both of you will have added stimulation from the little toy. Now a time line in mind. Some butts are really tight. Some people need to take months in order to relax and allow anything larger into their rectum besides the pinky. Do not move onto something bigger until your partner wants something bigger.
Let’s quickly touch on lube. Lube is super important because the anus, along with the penis, has no natural lubricant of its own. So you need to add some. The thicker the lubricant, the better. Silicone lubes works great because they last longer, but there are also some wonderful water based lubes made specifically for anal sex, such as Boy Butter H20 Lube. Try different ones out in every area, as different parts of your body may like different lubes.
It’s also important that intercourse, whether vaginal or anal, be protected with a condom, unless you are both fluid bonded — meaning you have both been tested for STIs and agree to only share fluids with each other. Grab a condom that is ribbed or studded, that extra sensation can really add extra oomph.
Now, if after you talk to her about all of these points, outside of the bedroom where there is less pressure, and perhaps after trying a little stroking of the butt while you eat her out, and she is still not interested, you are going to have to respect her wishes. If she’s not into it, she’s not into it. Sometimes no amount of discussion will get someone to try something that they don’t want. And that’s OK. Sex is supposed to be fun, for the both of you. And it can get really freaky even without anal. There are tons of different areas you can explore and try, anal sex is just one of them. Fulfill a sexual fantasy, massage each other’s feet and try some sex on the kitchen counter. Enjoy yourselves, whether in the butt or in the twat (or the feet, the ears, the neck… you get the picture).
This article was written by Nicolette Pawlowsk and Suzie Baker. Suzie is a sexual health education coordinator and wannabe homemaker and Nicolette is a graduate student in EPS, a salsa dancer and a sexual health educator. All questions are from real readers. Keep ‘em coming! E-mail:

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Larry Murphy 1924-2010, May G-d Rest his Soul,

Lawrence Murphy 1924-2010

My good and beloved friend Larry Murphy passed away last night due to complications from pneumonia. Larry was born in Illinois in 1924 and raised since the age of 12 in Walla Walla, Washington went to college and moved to Seattle and worked as a Librarian. In 1957 Larry moved to NYC and became a faithful and dedicated Librarian for the New York Public Library. He shared 46 happy and loving years with his life partner Bob Goldstein, who himself passed away in December of 2007. Due to Bob's passing, Larry grew depressed and lonely and sought out the services of the friendly visitors program of SAGE, (Services and Advocay for Gay Elders) an organization Larry supported since its founding. And it is an Organization I actively support and volunteer with.
    It was through SAGE I was paired up as Larry's friendly visitor and since Nov 4th 2008 we met usually twice a week and just visit. For almost a year and a half I have had the pleasure, honor and privilege of knowing this truly amazing man. He has taught me so much about life, history, relationships, love and now ultimately death. I hope that I brought as much comfort and joy to his life as he brought to me. He was a good, wise, intelligent, funny, sensitive and loving man. He will be sorely missed by all his friends and family.

May G-d Bless Larry in the next life as much as he did in the previous. 

A memorial service is being held at Monday March 8th, 4 pm at the

Church of the Incarnation
209 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10016-3814
(212) 689-6350