Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bienvenido Boy Butter a Mendoza

Today started early at 5:00 am, headed over to the Buenos Aires Airport to catch our 7:10 am flight to Argentina's 4th largest city Mendoza not far from the Chilean border. The major earthquake yesterday in Chile made the airport a bit of a scene and we were delayed a about 2 hours but made it safely to our destination. Mendoza, Argentina is one of the wine producing capitols of the worlds with over 632 vineyards. But alas as everyone knows I am not much of a wine drinker, I prefer to smoke my wine. So I am not as impressed by the 632 as I am for the 420! Here are some pics from today.

Plane to Mendoza

Diplomatic Hotel from Pool Area
Lunch at Pizza Place near Hotel

Mendozan view from Hotel Room
another view from our room
Eyal Feldman, poolside.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Boy Butter does Frida Khalo (Not what you think)

Today was perfect for two things, taking in lots of culture and lots of sun. I strolled down Avenida de la Libertador, where I saw amazing art installations, sculptures, national monuments, foreign embassies and a cultural cherry on top, the famous MALBA, Museum of Latin America Art in Buenos Aires. A picture is worth a thousand words. And I snapped many a picture on my third day in lovely Buenos Aires! 

Facultad de Derecho y Ciencias Sociales - Faculty of Rights and Social Sciences
Famous Flor de Metal (Metal Flower) is a 18 ton moving sculpture that opens and closes it's petals when the sun comes and goes.
 Cool domed Building in the park along Ave. de Libertador
Statue on Avenida de Libertador
The following images are from MALBA, 
(I did not ask permission to use the following images : )
Work by famous avant garde photographer Oscar Bony
Marta and Warhol (1985) - It's a bit corny, no?
 Autoretrato con mono y loro
Self Potrait with Monky and Parrot, Frida Khalo
An Original painting by Botero
Random hanging wicker bird thing.
Live from Vacation Station,
Eyal Feldman

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Recoleta Cemetary in Buenos Aires

I am staying in the beautiful Recoleta neighborhood which houses one of the most beautiful and unique cemeteries I have ever seen and it is mere blocks from the apartment I'm staying in. 
The Recoleta Cemetery please look at some of the great shots i took.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Boy Butter in Buenos Aires!

      It is day one of my 8 day Argentinian adventure, and I'm staying with my ultra cool and hot friend Shaul Betesh., NYC's mortgage broker to the Stars is in Buenos Aires doing a 2 month a spanish sabbatical. I got the honor of being hosted in his amazing apt in Recoletta neighborhood of Buenos Aires. Buildings are beautiful and remind me very much of Spain. I was walking along the neighborhood's major street Santa Fe and snapped some cool photos. I love it here so far, heading to a delicious steak dinner with Shaul! Check out some cool photos from today

 Two Beautiful Building on Calle Santa Fe (above)

Shaul lounging at Bar 6 in Palermo Soho, his favorite lunch spot.

Thanks for helping me on this adventure Shaul!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lets Neutralize Iran already, what's taking so long?

The Israel Air Force on Sunday introduced a fleet of large unmanned planes it claims can fly as far as Iran. 
      Air force officials said the Heron TP drones have a wingspan of 26 meters, making them the size of passenger jets. They said the planes can fly 20 consecutive hours, and are primarily used for surveillance and carrying payloads. The drones, built by state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries, were first used during Israel's Gaza war last year.
       At an inauguration ceremony Sunday, officials refused to say how large the new fleet is or whether the planes were designed for use against Iran.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Read My Tiger Woods Quote in the NY Examiner

Here's what the smartest and most notorious Sex and Relationship Writers, Scholars and Performers have to say about Tiger Woods' apology statement and his numerous affairs.

"All of this just goes to show you that you can't tame a Tiger. Have we learned nothing from Siegfried and Roy?"

- Eyal Feldman, Boy Butter Personal Lubricant Inventor, Entrepreneur 

Playgirl Magazine Release Party- with Boy Butter give-aways!

Playgirl Magazine releases is famed Levi Johnston issue with a party at Therapy! PLUS, NYC's Hottest Bartender (voted by readers) Jeff Palmiotti will be on hand to give out copies of the magazine, and show you what made him NYC's Hottest Bartender! With Baskit Underwear Giveaways, Boy Butter Lubricant Giveaways and Playgirl Tshirts- and hosted by America's Hottest Drag Queen- Peppermint!  

Wednesday, February 24, 2010
8:00pm - 11:00pm
348 West 52nd Street New York, NY 10019-6201

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Folsom Street Flashback - Boy Butter Extreme

Men queue up at Folsom Street Fair for Boy Butter Extreme 16 oz. tub, 
"a desensitizing  lubricant for serious play"   
Location: San Francisco, California Date: September 2007

Tuesday, February 16, 2010 Advertises Boy Butter Lubricants shown advertising Boy Butter Lubricants with their tag line: Smooth things out in your relationships. 

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Frontiers In LA for their Sex Issue, it's Boy Buttery

You'll Never Know it isn't Boy Butter, the H20 based and latex safe cream personal lubricant is featured in the newest issue of Frontiers In LA for their Sex Issue. The issue is now available as a pdf on the site, -- and I've attached the clip below

Saturday, February 13, 2010 loves the Boy Butter for Valentine's


Butter makes everything better. And in the case of Boy Butter, a line of personal lubricants, a truer statement has never been made. A unique addition to the lube industry, Boy Butter fuses vegetable oil with silicone to create an agent with a creamy consistency, but one just as slick, long lasting and easy to clean up as water-based varieties. Created by 30-something entrepreneur Eyal Feldman, Boy Butter's full line of products includes Original, H20, Extreme, Extreme H20, Warming and - er - Bonerz (Male Enhancement)... the description of which even we're not touching with a 10-inch pole. $10 and up;
Mikey Rox is an award-winning journalist/writer and the principal of Paper Rox Scissors, a copywriting and creative consulting company in New York City. Find him at

Thursday, February 11, 2010

NY Examiner: Eyal Feldman, New York's King of Lube talks Lucky and Boy Butter

That's right kids! You have to read my new interview in the famous NY Examiner Magazine.
Click here for full and original article!

Eyal Feldman, New York's King of Lube talks Lucky and Boy ButterSexual Lube
Eyal Feldman, maker of Boy Butter and Lucky sexual lubricants.
Today's Abiola's Kiss & Tell News.
Eyal Fedman, whom we dub the lubricant king, is one of the readers next week at Abiola's Kiss & Tell Live erotic reading series on Tuesday February 16th 7-10pm at Madame X in New York City. That's the gorgeous Eyal above, and yeah, he knows he's hot. He poses in his own ads. You would do that too if you had his body or lube empire so stop judging. The gorgeous gay (had to give the ladies a heads up) found gaps in the personal lubricant market and blessed us all with an array of sexy products including male enhancement pills called Boy Butter Bonerz, Boy Butter his famous booty desensitizing lubricants for anal sex and Lucky made specifically for women and vaginal sex. We found Lucky fresh and lotion-y. The fun packaging also makes the Boy Butter products less intimidating in the bedroom.
ABIOLA ABRAMS: Ok, Eyal, spill it! What's your cocktail party introduction? Who are you and what do you do?

EYAL FELDMAN: My cocktail party introduction is usually having to repeat and spell out my unique name E-Y-A-L. I am a tall, hot and sexy personal lubricant manufacturer (Boy Butter Lubricants) google me Eyal Feldman.

ABIOLA:  Very nice. Where are these parties? We'll meet you there. What gives you the cajones to participate in a sexy reading series like Abiola's Kiss and Tell?

EYAL: Because my life and work revolve around sex, sexual health, sexual education and of course sexual marketing. Im also quite a witty spirit and love public speaking, I think this will be fun.

ABIOLA: It will definitely be fun, oh witty one. What can we see from you at the event on Mardi Gras 2010 at Madame X, February 16th? Actually, are you more Mardi Gras or Valentine's Day Hangover?

EYAL: Since I am a hopeless romantic with an insatiable libido, I will be crashing from a Valentines full of loving, you will see me at the Valentine's Day Hangover for sure.

ABIOLA: Awww. Ok, truth Eyal. What's the sexiest thing you've ever done for another person?
EYAL: The sexiest thing I have ever done for someone was love them exclusively, take care of them, and keep them turned on by keeping fit, trim and sexy so we can be together forever.
ABIOLA: That's sweet, I think, in a very NYC Chelsea gym culture kind of way. What's the sexiest thing someone has ever done for you?

EYAL: The sexiest thing for me is surprising me with a show, vacation or romantic dinner. I'm a cheap date, I love all the little things.

ABIOLA:  Sweet! Are you going to be giving anything away with your reading/ performance? (Besides secrets!)

EYAL: I will be giving away samples and a couple full size products to people with the craziest love stories during my segment. We can gauge who wins by level of clapping from the audience.

ABIOLA:  We love it. What should people know about your work?

EYAL: I want people to know that my work and mission on this Earth to make love even better with just a dollop butter!

ABIOLA:  Nice. Where can we find you besides Abiola's Kiss & Tell Live?
EYAL: I am doing a Boy Butter Lube tour en Espanol of Gay Buenos Aires 2/24/10 to 3/3/10. Im thinking of writing a book on how to be their sexiest, most successful, and happy even in a recession. You can find easily, google Eyal Feldman, on facebook, Boy Butter on twitter and of course Boy Butter and Shop Lube.
We adore Eyal Feldman.
What do you think?
Come play with me: AbiolaTV.comYouTubeTwitter, new Facebook, Examiner Sex & Relationships column, the Relationship Advice Team, the Kiss & Tell TV podcast and on the third Tuesday of every month at Abiola's Kiss & Tell LIVE at Madame X in New York City-- next  sexy show on February 16 for Mardi Gras. And of course, buy my novel DARE by Abiola Abrams wherever you buy books.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine's Day 14% off coupon for Official Boy Butter Store

Cause we love our customers we are having our biggest discount ever!
Enter Coupon Code "LOVE" for an amazing 14% off at
This expires on 2-14-10 Valentines Day!
This expires on 2-14-10 Valentines Day!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Boy Butter featured in Rainbow Times Valentine's Day Gift Guide

The Rainbow Times News' Valentine's Day Gift Guide just came out in the newest issue, and of course Boy Butter is included. Here is the link to the main site: And from there, you have to download the pdf file of the magazine (I've attached it for you). It's on Pg. 22. 

Palin: Obama Will Win Again If He Backs Israel and Bombs Iran - Politics & Gov't - Israel News - Israel National News

Palin: Obama Will Win Again If He Backs Israel and Bombs Iran - Politics & Gov't - Israel News - Israel National News

Palin: Obama Will Win Again If He Backs Israel and Bombs Iran by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu  
( Sarah Palin, the Alaska governor who ran with Sen. John McCain against the Obama-Biden ticket, said on Sunday that U.S. President Barack Obama can win again if he starts backing Israel and decides to attack Iran.

Speaking on Fox News, Palin stated, “Say he decided to declare war on Iran or decide to really come out and do whatever he could to support Israel–which I would like him to do. That changes the dynamics of what we can assume will happen between now and three years. Because I think if the election were today, Obama would not be elected.”
She wrote off President Obama as a man who lectures and does not lead. Palin charged that President Obama’s message to the American people is “just kind of sit down and shut up and accept. When he is up there and he is telling us basically, ‘I know best, my people here in the White House know best.'”
She described the President as being weak on terrorism and national defense. "We are in war," said the former Alaska governor. "These are acts of war that these terrorists are committing. We need to treat them a little bit differently than an American who is worthy, an American being worthy of our U.S. constitutional rights. I don’t think the terrorists are worthy of our rights.
“Treating this like a mere law enforcement matter places our country at great risk because that's not how radical Islamic extremists are looking at this. They know we're at war, and to win that war we need a commander in chief, not a professor of law standing at the lectern."

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Debate about God from my Facebook Wall

7 hours ago ·  · 

Eyal Feldman God, I know we are your chosen people, but couldn't you choose somebody else for a change? - Shalom Aleichem, about the Jews.

10 hours ago ·  · 
Daniel Nolan
Daniel Nolan 
if we're all god's children, how can he play favorites?
10 hours ago · 
Eyal Feldman
Eyal Feldman 
Daniel Nolan: I would like to respond to your statement, it's not about favorites. That is the most common misconception, that often is used to explain religious exclusivity. The chosen aspect of this statement refers to God choosing the Jewish people to spread the idea of monotheism. And I believe with the offshoots of Christianity and Islam, that mission is proving to be successful. Chosen for a mission, not to be the favorite.
9 hours ago · 
Daniel Nolan
Daniel Nolan 
i don't think there needs a mission to convert everyone to the belief that faith in one god. people have the right to worship whatever/whomever they want, who is it for us to judge? we bemoan our struggle for acceptance so why do we make others feel like they must change to be saved? it's hypocritical. our only mission on earth is to love each other, not build a pecking order of which group is better than the other.
9 hours ago · 

Eyal Feldman 
Of course people can do or believe what they want, this is not negating that at all. Its not about converting people, its about a philosophy and a creed that gained popularity over the 4000 years since it's inception. You need not have such a cynical view of religion, faith or God. The Jews spread the idea of God and their philosophical children, the Christians adopted it and so did Muslims, yet all the monotheists together only make up about up 30% of the world's population, there are still more 70% who don't fit in this category. Its not denying other people faith but enhancing and adding the the planets plurality of faiths.
9 hours ago · 
Daniel Nolan
Daniel Nolan 
as a Quaker i think it reeks of entitlement when groups put themselves in spiritually higher ranking than others, that's what i'm referring to.

...and if believing that people have the right to worship freely without being judged is cynical then you called it.
8 hours ago · 
Eyal Feldman
Eyal Feldman 
I feel that when people get so politically sensitive like you are demonstrating here one can tend to look for ways to be insulted. Your cynisism is what makes me call you cynical, not your notion that you believe you have a more open mind than you actually might.
8 hours ago · 
Daniel Nolan
Daniel Nolan 
i don't think it's cynicism, it's just not the way you chose to look at things.
3 hours ago · 
Eyal Feldman
Eyal Feldman 
I do not fear religion, God or faith. I think that when they are used properly they bring alot of good to this world. We should not have an abrasive view of the world and misconstrue expressions of faith as being negative. There are those who choose to twist faith as a weapon against others, but a few bad apples should not spoil the bunch.
2 hours ago ·