Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Breakthrough: HIV Cure May Be On The Horizon

According to Danish researchers, a new HIV treatment might be ready for human trials. The potential cure has already proved to be effective on infected human skin cells. The next step is to test the treatment on human patients. The new therapy will involve flushing out the virus from the “reservoirs” inside DNA cells. Once the virus is on the DNA’s surface, the body’s immune system, with the aide of a vaccine, will find and destroy it. “The challenge will be getting the patients’ immune system to recognize the virus and destroy it,” Dr. Soggard, a senior researcher in the department of infectious disease at Aarhus University Hospital, said. “This depends on the strength and sensitivity of individual immune systems.” What remains to be seen is how effective this new treatment will be.

Full story here: http://www.queerty.com/hiv-cure-may-be-on-the-horizon-20130429/#ixzz2Rx6dSpk9

Friday, April 26, 2013

Check out the new Boy Butter window display in Manhattan

Check out my new summery fun Boy Butter Lubricants window display at Chelsea area store for all things adult.

The Blue DVD
165 8th Ave (between 18th and 19th)
NY NY 10011

Window displays, in stereo.
Close up view.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hedda Lettuce spreads Boy Butter around Salem State University

The melodious and hilarious green haired goddess of drag, Hedda Lettuce performed for the Salem State University student body. The college located in Massachusetts welcomed Hedda (all the way from NYC) and gave her the only three things that allow her to make magic, a stage, a spotlight and a microphone. Lucky prize winners even got to go home with their own Boy Butter Personal Lubricant.
Check out these photos from the event :  )
A prize winner is overcome with joy to stand so close to Mz. Lettuce
Should I make an ad out of this?

Friday, April 19, 2013

VIDEO: Hedda Lettuce presents Boy Butter to Grand Prize Winner

The hilarious Hedda Lettuce presenting Boy Butter to Grand Prize Winner at Chelsea Classics
where Hedda hilariously hosts classic films for the low low price of $7.50 a per person. New York City's best drag movie hostess spins an evening of comedy and fun plus three lucky people will have the opportunity to win some cool prizes, including Boy Butter, in the raffle. So I always recommend joining us Thursday evenings if you are in Manhattan.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Israeli-developed gay dating app Grindr joins gay surrogacy rights fight

Popular Israeli-developed gay dating app Grindr has joined in the effort to allow a gay Israeli couple to have a child by a surrogate mother in the United States after Yuval and Liran lost all their money in attempts to have a child through surrogacy in India. Grindr, which is the most popular gay mobile dating app with more than 4 million users, has said it will donate 100% of the revenues it receives from new subscribers over a 1 week period. Yuval and Liran have also started a campaign to legalise surrogacy for same-sex couples in Israel, which is currently only sanctioned for heterosexual couples. The campaign has already attracted high profile celebrities such as Joan Rivers and the cast of hit TV show 'Fashion Police'.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Impressionist exhibit at The Met

I want to share some beautiful images from my recent trip to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Joined by my best friend, Xavier Caylor and his man, Jeff Doney we absorbed the cultural artifacts and treasures that The Met has to offer. Works by Monet, Mamet, Renoir, Pissarro and others made a definite and lasting impression on us.

Rodin sculptures
Xavier and Jeff at The Met

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Photos from the Black Party Expo in NYC 2013

The Boy behind the Butter holding up the 10th Anniversary Edition, Boy Butter Gold Label
Me booth side view
Manning the booth
Guerilla marketing at a common spot
Large Boy Butter banner in the lobby of Roseland Ballroom