Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Buttery sweet words of wisdom for a Happy New Year!

   "This year has come and gone and a new one is upon us. Never lose sight in that life is a gift and with the right effort and optimism anything can be overcome and achieved. Success, like happiness is relative, subjective, and ethereal, but always, always is it attainable. So out now all into the brave blue yonder and prove this lofty statement true." 
~ Eyal Feldman, creator and CEO of Boy Butter

Happy New Year to all from Boy Butter!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Shockingly fun 10% off stocking stuffer coupon code: HOLIDAY

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Liquid nightclub in Tampa launches the Butter Ball sponsored by Boy Butter

If you find yourself in Tampa, Florida on November 27th please check out the Butter Ball party at Liquid Nightclub. Boy Butter is proud to sponsor giveaways of full size Boy Butter products for the lucky winners.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Watch: Hedda unveils the Boy Butter grand prize at Mommie Dearest Halloween Interactive Film

Hedda Lettuce's hilarious introduction of the Horny-O-Plenty of Boy Butter grand prize at the Halloween Interactive screening of Mommie Dearest at Bow Tie Cinema.
To purchase your own Boy Butter, visit the official Boy Butter store,

Monday, October 27, 2014

Friday, October 24, 2014

Boy Butter sample handed to Instagram celebrity, The Fat Jewish

        While riding to the office on my bike I ran into my favorite new Instagram celebrity, The Fat Jewish. His hilarious posts on Instagram and Twitter are zany and oftentimes hilarious. So when I spotted him on the street, I jumped off my bike, and not being shy at all told him how awesome I think he is, that my sister (supermodel Donna Feldman) turned me on to him saying you are so funny. Of course, as I do I totally handed him some Boy Butter samples and he totally knows about Boy Butter already. We did a quick photo together and this photo made me a little bit cooler in the eyes of my 15 year old nephew, Nathaniel, another Fat Jewish fan. This is the magic that is part of living in NYC, any random old thing can happen at any old street corner. 
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Monday, October 20, 2014

Check out the new Halloween article about Boy Butter Minis: Give Your Trick a Treat

Boy Butter Minis HalloweenAre you tired of being poked and prodded without your Boy Butter? No problem, because we have a sexy solution for you this Halloween season.
When it comes time to trick-or-treat on a spooky night, you must pick up 1 of 3 (or all) Boy Butter Minis, 2 oz travel-safe versions of all the Boy Butter formulas; there is the Boy Butter Original, which is a coconut oil-based cream formula, the Boy Butter H20, which is a water-based and latex-safe cream formula, and the Boy Butter Clear, which is highly concentrated water-based gel formula.
The creator of Boy Butter says, “The best thing about all my Boy Butter formulas are that they last as long as silicone-based lubricants, enhance pleasure, and are all as easily washable as any water-based lubricants, the veritable Goldilocks of personal lubricants.”
Boy Butter Minis are also the perfect accessory for your annual slutty costume; fill your grab bag on All Hallow’s Eve, and bring out your inner (sex) demon. Essentially, Boy Butter Minis are the perfect treat for your trick, and definitely for the ho on the go!
Everyone knows that Halloween is gay Christmas, so some travel may be required. All of the Boy Butter Minis products are TSA-approved, which are nifty, 2 oz EZ-Pump bottles you can carry on any flight. TSA will notforce you to surrender your Boy Butter at the airport anymore. This means that flying around on your broomstick (or someone else’s, for that matter) should be easy.
Boy Butter brings the fun back to sex. So light some candles, prepare the Boy Butter Minis, and get ready for the sexiest séance of your life. 
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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Boy Butter is proud to be a part of Team New York Aquatics Masters Waterpolo!

This weekend the nation's capital hosted the annual Washington Wetskins Waterpolo Fall Invitational. My amazing masters Water polo team, TNYA Polo came in 4th out if a field of 11 teams throughout N. America and that is pretty awesome. We are a member of International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics (IGLA). Check out my photos from this past weekend.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

You'll Never Know it isn't Boy Butter

The water based version of the famous Boy Butter personal lubricant is so great, You'll Never Know it isn't Boy Butter! The world's first cream form water based lubricant infused with Vitamin E and whipped into a creamy consistency, which feels like the original Boy Butter oil based lubricant formula, but it is totally water based, latex and vaginally safe, something most cream lubricants cannot do. A little bit goes a long way and promises not to dry out, stays slicker longer, feeling natural for both him and her. Safe on all toys and all materials, in fact it will change the way you think about personal lubricant, forever! Click to buy on

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Boy Butter will be blowing the shofar this Jew Year at Hebro's High Homodays at Hudson Terrace in NYC

Listen up Gay Jews in NYC! Join this Butter Boy on Saturday and celebrate the new-jew-year and blow your shofar with your favorite Hebrew-hotties (and the goys that love us) at Hebro's annual high-holiday blowout on Saturday, Sep 20 at Hudson Terrace! $15 online tix HERE, $20 at door.  
With a special performance by Lady SinAGaGa

Monday, September 15, 2014

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Joan Rivers, Comedian and Talk-Show Host, Dies at 81

Joan Rivers, a talk-show host, actress and red-carpet critic who rose to the top of comedy's ranks while unapologetically skewering everyone and everything she passed along the way, died Thursday in New York following complications from a medical procedure. She was 81 years old.
"She passed peacefully at 1:17 p.m. surrounded by family and close friends," her daughter, Melissa Rivers, said in a statement.
One of comedy's most recognizable faces—thanks in part to a series of plastic surgeries she made fun of as much as her detractors did—Ms. Rivers rose to prominence in the 1960s and 1970s on the talk-show scene, injecting crass and controversial jokes into the buttoned-up, male-dominated network shows.
After first appearing on "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson " in 1965, Ms. Rivers started a talk-show career that included stints on "The Tonight Show" and "The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers" on Fox in 1986. When she launched the rival program, she said Mr. Carson, her mentor, never spoke to her again.
Ms. Rivers become a permanent fixture on TV after that, most famously as a critic of celebrity fashion.
Her reign on the red carpet began in the 1990s, when she started working for the E! Network, attending award shows to comment on who looked fabulous, who didn't and—by way of learning who designed each look—"who" everyone was wearing. She was currently hosting "Fashion Police" on the network at the time of her death.
Her takedowns earned her many fans, and more than a few enemies in Hollywood. "He looks like he ate the Dixie Chicks," she once said of an overweight Billy Joel. Bad outfits were sometimes said to be picked by the blind singer Stevie Wonder.
Ms. Rivers was born Joan Alexandra Molinsky in Brooklyn in 1933, the youngest daughter of Russian Jewish immigrants. After graduating from Barnard College in 1954, she worked in the fashion industry before appearing on the stand-up comedy circuit, with a brash and unabashed style echoed in the routines of current comedians such as Sarah Silverman and Kathy Griffin.
One of her early jokes: "I blame my mother for my poor sex life. All she told me was, 'The man goes on top and the woman underneath.' For three years my husband and I slept in bunk beds."
Ms. Rivers was often joined on TV by her only child, Melissa Rivers. Ms. Rivers once said: "My daughter and I are very close. We speak every single day, and I call her every day and I say the same thing, 'Pick up, I know you're there.' "
Ms. Rivers was married twice, first briefly after graduating from college and in 1965 to Edgar Rosenberg, a producer who would become her manager and business partner before committing suicide in 1987. Ms. Rivers and her daughter addressed the suicide in a made-for-TV movie seven years later, playing themselves in "Tears and Laughter."
Ms. Rivers, who lived in Malibu and Manhattan, wrote 12 books, ranging from humor to autobiography and self-help. She appeared on Broadway several times, and in 1994 received a Tony nomination for Best Actress in a Play for "Sally Marr…and Her Escorts," about the life of comic Lenny Bruce's mother.
Ms. Rivers's businesses extended beyond acting and comedy to include a fashion and jewelry line on the QVC home-shopping network.
More recently, Ms. Rivers appeared in "Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work," a celebrated documentary that provided a candid look at the star, including inside the many drawers of jokes she kept organized by topics from "cooking" to "Christmas cards" to "Tony Danza."
Ms. Rivers is shown throughout the film doing stand-up shows in smaller venues across the country—showing some of the unglamorous work she did to keep her empire afloat, and the work ethic that kept her holding a microphone until just last week.
"I will do anything," she says in the movie.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Boy Butter melts all over Lesbian Rabbi in Tablet Magazine expose

Check out my off the wall but sincere quote in the Boy Butter section of Tablet's hard hitting expose of the rifts within NYC's Gay Jewish Synagogue over the wacky political stance of it's leader Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum. Guess which one I am in the title of this article btw?

A Zionist Porn Star, a Lube Merchant, and a Lesbian Rabbi Walk Into a Gay Synagogue…

Several present and former congregants who have raised concerns about Kleinbaum’s activism with her describe the typical response: polite acknowledgement of a difference of opinions, followed by no change in either the tenor or frequency of her public activity. Eyal Feldman, an Israeli-American and founder of Boy Butter lubricant, began attending High Holy Day and the occasional Friday night services at CBST soon after he moved to New York in 2000 primarily as a social activity. He “always felt a little bit uncomfortable with her politics,” but was willing to stick it out because he had made so many friends. Feldman—whose blog “shares his global adventures in fighting friction with a mix of social and personal lubrication”—however, “stopped going three years ago because of the very same reasons Bryan left the board. I found her to be political and not at all balanced. … I couldn’t sit there and listen to that because if my eyes rolled anymore they would have popped out of my head.”
***  To read whole Tablet article by James Kirchick Click HERE

Monday, August 4, 2014

WATCH: Gay porn magnate, Michael Lucas, backs Israel in interview

    Michael Lucas, arguably world's most famous gay adult movie director, is also Israeli and a prominent LGBT rights activist. He came to Israel to show his support amid ongoing fighting with Gaza. Watch full interview and click here for original post   

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Boy Butter unveils beautiful new catalog for 2014

To purchase any of these Boy Butter Lubricant products visit the official Boy Butter Lubricants Store:

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Boy Butter posters turning up in Chelsea hood of New York City.

Boy Butter posters are showing on key intersections and entranceways of adult stores on 8th Avenue of the famous Chelsea gayborhood of New York City. 
Poster on corner of 23rd and 8th
Poster on corner of 22nd Street and 8th Ave
Boy Butter poster near Rainbow Station store of NYC

Monday, July 7, 2014

Men's Health highlights Boy Butter as one of the perfect lubes for your penis

The best lube for: Masturbation
If it’s truly a solo session and you don’t have to worry about eroding condoms or chemical allergies, you can get adventurous: Levine recommends Boy Butter, which isn’t completely chemical-free but is made from coconut oil and an organic silicone. Not only does it feel like you’re rubbing with, well, butter, but this lube will last for a long time and wash off skin and fabric easily with water (from $12, Or get creative: Soap in the shower and good ol' lotion can be just as helpful—and easier to get your hands on—as the store-bought stuff. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Boy Butter sponsors new gay NYC themed series.

     Boy Butter Lubricants is sponsoring new gay themed NYC series called People you Know. Check out launch party photos with Pandora Box, Baltimore Russell, Michael Chase DiMartino & John Dylan DeLaTorre at Industry Bar in Hell's Kitchen, just in time for gay pride week. Check out the Boy Butter logo in the background and people were given out samples to take home at the event. Sounds fun, can't wait for the Boy Buttery product placement videos.
Baltimore Russell, Pandora Boxx & John Dylan DeLaTorre
Baltimore Russell, Mister Chase & John Dylan DeLaTorre

Monday, June 30, 2014

Boy Buttering up the Gayborhoods of LA, WeHo and Silverlake

Guerilla marketing always helps with fun posters during Pride month. Here are some famous gay locations in Los Angeles where my Boy Butter poster is gracing some thoroughfares.

Photos of Posters
Sunset Junction
Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood
Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood
Circus of Books entrance in Weho
Near the Abbey in Weho

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Neil Patrick Harris's awesome Tony performance of Hedwig And The Angry Inch

Introduced by RuPaul and alongside Tony winners Lena Hall and Neil Patrick Harris performed "Sugar Daddy" from the musical revival during Sunday's awards show, complete with a car wash for Orlando Bloom and a kiss for David Burtka.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Boy Butter will help you get the perfect tan this Summer.

Fun Fact: Boy Butter Original is not only a wonderful personal lubricant, but it is extremely effective as a tanning accelerator. Just rub some on your skin and hit the sun. It is perfectly washable and non-staining, the perfect summer gift: Click here to purchase

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

For the Ho on the Go: Boy Butter Minis

      If you are looking for the perfect gift for a friend who travels a lot, or maybe for yourself, you should try my new Boy Butter Minis, in Original 2oz Pump (coconut-oil based) and Boy Butter H20 aka. You'll Never Know it isn't Boy Butter 2oz Pump (water-based) formulas. Both dreamy creamy wonderful lubricant formulas are non-toxic, made from Organic ingredients, lasts almost as long as silicone personal lubricants but they are completely non-staining, washing off super easy with water alone, from you, the boys, the girls, the sheets, the toys, the walls, the floors, with just a little water. 

Minis are 100% Washable, 100% Made in the USA, TSA approved, and the perfect for the ho on the go, cause you never know!

         Click here to buy: New Boy Butter Minis 2 oz pumps. 

Friday, May 30, 2014

Feel like a teenager for 2 days, use Boy Butter Bonerz!

Check out our popular Boy Butter Bonerz, Herbal Cialis. One capsule activates in less than 1 hour to provide 36 hours of guaranteed performance enhancement and stamina. Natural without, headaches or side effects.
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Rupaul's Drag Race Winner Bianca Del Rio Roasts Hebro!

Perfect time to promote next month's Hebro party, thanks to the awesome Jayson Littman, The NYC King of Gay Jews!

Friday, May 16, 2014

CVS in San Diego features Boy Butter Lubes

After being in over 300 Walgreens around N. America, Boy Butter is now being spotted on CVS shelves. This CVS in Hillcrest, San Diego proudly displays my product. YAY!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

WATCH: Hollywood heavyweights take on Sultan of Brunei for imposing sharia law

The City of Beverly Hills voted unanimously last week to pressure the government of Brunei to divest the Beverly Hills Hotel, the pink-hued haunt of the Hollywood set, after the small country's enactment of sharia law prompted protests.

Comedians Ellen DeGeneres, Jay Leno and British entrepreneur Richard Branson have been the most prominent figures to advocate shunning the hotel and its bungalows, a favored locale for the Hollywood elite since it opened a century ago.

The resolution urges Brunei to divest its ownership of the hotel, and any other properties it owns within Beverly Hills, and condemns it and other countries that operate under Islamic criminal law.

Emotions were high in the packed council chambers as scores of rank-and-file employees, as well as residents and others, expressed opposition to human rights abuses, support for the fabled property, as well as a reliance on the hotel for jobs.

"This is misguided," Robert Anderson told Reuters after the vote. "We should be against human rights violations in all countries, not just the Brunei."

Badrul Chowdhury, a waiter at the hotel for 14 years, said Brunei was far removed from the lives of hotel workers: "We work. We take care of our families."

Brunei, a former British protectorate of about 400,000 run by Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah, last week became the first East Asian country to adopt the Islamic criminal law. It will punish offenses like sodomy and adultery with the death penalty, including by stoning. The laws will be introduced in phases in the energy-rich country nestled between two Malaysian states on the island of Borneo, with the harshest penalties going into effect in two years.

The US government has been largely silent on the issue until Tuesday, when the State Department told reporters the ambassador to Brunei had privately relayed concerns to the government there about the law.

Through the resolution the council members were "adding their voice" to international outrage, said a spokeswoman. The council stopped short of taking direct action, such as a city-sanctioned boycott.

In the last few days, organizations have canceled events at the hotel, including the Motion Picture & Television Fund's annual "Night Before the Oscars" charity event and the Feminist Majority Foundation's annual Global Women's Rights Awards.

Gay rights advocacy group Human Rights Campaign on Tuesday called on the hotel's owner to stop promoting special services at the hotel for same-sex weddings, now legal in California.

"This is the height of hypocrisy, and we must ensure that profits from LGBT weddings in the US stop going to a regime that could soon start executing its LGBT citizens," the group's president Chad Griffin said in a statement.  

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How Being Jewish Affects Making Peace

What does “Being Jewish” have to do with Arab-Israeli peace? Why does Israel insist Palestinians accept Israel as a Jewish state? What causes Palestinians and other Arabs to be threatened by the “Jewish” character of Israel?
Answer One: Israel is designed to be “Jewish” in the sense that it is meant to be a spiritual home and a physical refuge for Jews—the world’s most persecuted minority.
If you pick a century—or even a decade—in history, you can find how the powers of the day set out to persecute, rob, enslave and kill the Jews of their time: Egyptian pharaohs, Babylonian kings, Roman emperors, European knights, Spanish Inquisitors.
In the last century alone, Nazis and their allies murdered 6,000,000 Jews—a third of the world’s population. In ecological terms, Jews are an endangered species.  Israel is a nature preserve for Earth’s most persecuted and perhaps most productive minority.
Israel is a home where Jews can be safe to practice their religion (or not), to identify as Jews or Israelis (or not) without fear of persecution by German Nazis, Russian Cossacks, British Crusaders, French fascists, Islamic maniacs, etc.
Answer Two: Israel must insist on having its “Jewishness” recognized because Arab and Islamic individuals, states and organizations say Jews can only exist as a second-class status within a sovereign Arab or Islamic community. In Islamic terms, this is called being a dhimmi—having protected but limited  second-class religious rights.
Making Muslims accept Israel as Jewish really means making them accept that Jews have political and cultural rights like Arabs and Muslims. Arabs have 22 sovereign states whose area is bigger than Europe. The Muslims have 50 or 60 states. No one questions that. So, the Jews can have one state the size of New Jersey.
The so-called “Arab World” and the “Islamic Community” say they do not have an ideological problem with Jews as a religion, but they are being misleading in asserting this. The truth is that they do not have a problem with Jews as long as the Jews “stay in their place.”
Many Arabs and Muslims have a huge problem with the Jewish nationalism known as Zionism. Recognizing Israel as Jewish means Jews are not just a religion but are also a nation, have national rights, and cannot be evicted from their homeland.
When Jew-haters (or genteel anti-Semites from Britain or Norway) say they do not hate Jews but only hate Israel or Zionism, they are lying. It is like saying they are not against Jews but only against Jews having arms, legs, eyes—the ability to see for themselves, build for themselves  and protect themselves.
Zionism means a Jewish state, a Jewish refuge, a predominantly Jewish home. This is not just a practical option but a moral imperative. Worldwide, Jews are safer when there is a Jewish state, because it helps them.
In addition, non-Jews are also safer because a Jewish state does not persecute Muslims, Christians, Druze, Bahai, Circassians and others who live in that Jewish state, and that same “Jewish state” also helps to protect non-Jewish minorities in nearby states, and it often gives them refuge from persecution.
The 22 Arab states and 50-odd Islamic states cannot make that claim.
Answer Three: Many Arabs, many Muslims and particularly the Palestinians are threatened by a “Jewish” Israel because Israel is real and successful—a  modern state with  traditional values. The Jewish state’s very success casts a harsh light on the failures of the “Arab” and “Islamic” states and their values.
This is particularly true of the Palestinians who cannot even agree on who will lead them—the PLO in the West Bank or Hamas or Islamic Jihad in Gaza. Palestinians feel threatened by Israelbecause of their own internal weakness and incoherence.
This is not just political frailty but a weakness of spirit. Palestinians sense something artificial about their own identity.  The concept “Palestinian” is relatively new in Arab thinking. It is a foreign word in Arabic. “Palestine” is never mentioned in the Quran, Islam’s holy book. “Israel” and “the Jews” are mentioned scores of times.
This internal Palestinian lack of identity may be the psychological reason for the PLO-Hamas long-time insistence that Israel cease to exist. Perhaps this explains why both PLO and Hamas refuse to recognize the Jewish character of Israel.
Even so-called Arab “moderates” (who are not really moderate) like PLO leader Mahmoud Abbas violate treaties with Israel. They try to boycott, isolate and hurt Israel. Indeed, Abbas and other “moderates” recoil in disgust at the suggestion of accepting a “Jewish” Israel.
On the other hand, staunch Israeli patriots or religious  Jews do not fear Arab nationalism, Muslim religion or Palestinian sentiment.  Most Israelis feel strong enough about themselves to accept Palestinian Arab nationalism, even as most Arabs still reject the very idea of Zionism or a Jewish state.
The real question remains: Are Arabs, Muslims and especially the Palestinians able to make peace by accepting the Jewish state as a real partner and neighbor?
Dr. Michael Widlanski is the author of  Battle for Our Minds: Western Elites and the Terror Threatpublished by Threshold/Simon and Schuster. He was Strategic Affairs Advisor in Israel’s Ministry of Public Security, teaches atBar Ilan University and was recently visiting professor at University of California, Irvine. This article was originally published in

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Blowjob (1964): The video that made me an Andy Warhol fan

This is an edited film directed by Andy Warhol, a single 35-minute shot of a man's face to capture his facial expressions as he receives the sexual act depicted in the title.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Two minutes of silence as Israel stands still to remember The Holocaust

JERUSALEM — Israelis have stopped in their tracks, standing in silence as sirens pierced the air to remember the 6 million Jews who perished in the Nazi Holocaust during World War II. The Jewish state came to a virtual stop as the two-minute siren went off on Monday morning, marking Israel’s Holocaust remembrance day — one of the most solemn days on the Israeli calendar. 

     Buses and cars stopped on roads and highways. Many people stepped out of their vehicles and stood in solemn silence. Pedestrians stopped walking and stood still in contemplation. Melancholic music and interviews with Holocaust survivors are filling the airwaves while TV stations show documentaries about the genocide. Ceremonies are held around the country. Names of those killed are read out at parliament later in the day.
Yom HaShoah / Holocaust Remembrance Day 2014: This picture shows German Nazi death camp Auschwitz in Poland, arrival of Hungarian Jews, Summer 1944. (Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring sale: Boy Butter Clear, Bestselling formula of 2014

Now we have larger sizes of Boy Butter Clear now in 2 oz, 4 oz and 8 oz. Visit the official Boy Butter store, and enter coupon code: "BIG" for 10% off any order with free samples. EXPIRES 5-1-14

Thursday, April 3, 2014

On set with the face of the Kardashian Kollection, super-model & super-sister, Donna Feldman

Despite the fact that we work them repeatedly, photo shoots are still one of our main thrills in life—particularly those featuring the Kardashian Kollection. For starters, they give us exclusive sneak peeks at styles that won't hit stores ‘til the next season. What’s more? They give us another chance to catch up with the brand’s go-to model, Donna Feldman. A fashion industry favorite who has traveled the world, she’s always divulging tips and tricks from the pros. And, as we're huge fans of her wardrobe, we're constantly seeking her opinion on style.
As expected, the Spring 2014 shoot was no exception—so we’re glad we decided to capture it all on camera. Watch now to see what Donna’s wearing and loving, then watch it again later. (Trust us: Going behind the scenes never gets old!) Click here for original story link

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spectacular mosaic of a Byzantine monastery from 6th century AD unearthed In Israel

An ornate mosaic floor from a Byzantine monastery was unveiled on Tuesday in the Israeli Northern Negev Desert. Inscriptions in both Greek and Syriac, helped archaeologists date the mosaics back to the 6th century AD. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

New: Boy Butter Clear TV spot featuring Hedda Lettuce

Check out this new Boy Butter Clear Personal Lubricant TV spot starring Boy Butter creator Eyal Feldman and featuring hilarious drag celebrity Hedda Lettuce. This ad runs on LOGO Channel's Rupaul's Drag Race and Untucked Season 6 in Los Angeles, NYC and OutTV in all of Canada. For more info visit To purchase, visit

Monday, March 17, 2014

Photos of my Kauai adventure

I am so blessed to be in the jewel of the pacific. The garden island of Kauai is filled with grace, sweetness and beauty. Here are some photos of my trip this far.
My favorite town where I stay in Koloa
Pastoral setting
Waimea Canyon
Poipu golf course
Wai'ale'ale highest point in Kauai
The lovely Koloa house I am staying as a guest 
The view from my bedroom window
The Napali coast
Beach at Poipu