Friday, October 24, 2014

Boy Butter sample handed to Instagram celebrity, The Fat Jewish

        While riding to the office on my bike I ran into my favorite new Instagram celebrity, The Fat Jewish. His hilarious posts on Instagram and Twitter are zany and oftentimes hilarious. So when I spotted him on the street, I jumped off my bike, and not being shy at all told him how awesome I think he is, that my sister (supermodel Donna Feldman) turned me on to him saying you are so funny. Of course, as I do I totally handed him some Boy Butter samples and he totally knows about Boy Butter already. We did a quick photo together and this photo made me a little bit cooler in the eyes of my 15 year old nephew, Nathaniel, another Fat Jewish fan. This is the magic that is part of living in NYC, any random old thing can happen at any old street corner. 
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