Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Boy Butter Kicks Ass at IML 2009

Wow kids. I just flew back to NYC from Chicago where I just completed an exciting adventure at IML 2009. This was my tenth IML and the 6th Anniversary of Boy Butter Lubricants. I had a beautiful corner booth and decked it out and sold, sold, sold. I decorated it kind of like being inside of the I Dream of Jeanie lamp during an acid flashback from the 60's. We kicked butt and made some dough, happy to be back and happy to be off my feet for a bit. 
To all the people who came and told me they loved Boy Butter! Thanks for the support and I love you all. And, to all those who came and brought me something else, whatevah.

Happy 6th Birthday Boy Butter! You Rock! 

And, Congratulations Mr. Leather Dallas for winning the gold!!

P.S. The guy dressed as a poodle being led around on a leash in the elevator of the Chicago Hilton Hotel, was the most memorable part of my weekend!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Gay tourism leaflet promotes sex shops in Tel Aviv

A Tel Aviv city map that was distributed throughout Europe in recent weeks in a bid to promote gay tourism to the city contains lewd adverts for sex shops and sauna bars.


The map was jointly commissioned by the Israeli Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Association, the Tel Aviv Municipality and the municipal center for the gay community.


The map, which is written mostly in English, advertises 50 businesses that cater to the gay community, including gay-oriented nightclubs, Israeli travel agencies that specialize in "gay tourism", pubs and restaurants.


At least four of the businesses are part of the sex industry.

Gay tourism leaflet

One of the largest ads is for the Paradise sauna bar on Allenby Street, which offers visitors a dark room, private booths and "relaxing massages."


Another ad promotes Sauna City on Hahashmonaim Street, which offers similar services. The ads also contain provocative images of muscular, half-naked men.


Additionally, the map contains two ads for sex shop.


The leaflet's front cover features a photo taken during the local Gay Pride Parade, while the back cover shows four men playing on the beach. Photos of lesbian women are nowhere to be found in the publication, except for in advertisements.


The Tel Aviv Municipality said in response: "To the best of our knowledge these businesses are not illegal, and therefore should not be prevent from advertising." 

Thursday, May 14, 2009

From Israel with Love

I just returned from a quick but magical trip in Israel. Spending time with my parents and travelling around the holy land was magic. The people were hot and the locale amazing, I could not have asked for a better week abroad. We stayed in Ramat Gan with my grandparents and managed to hit Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. The pope and I was there at the same time and it was a business trip, meeting with Sexy Shop in Tel Aviv who happily sells Boy Butter in Zion.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Boy Butter Sponsored Art Erotica

Boy Butter was proud to be a sponsor of the Austin Art Erotica 2009, the art show the Austin Chronicle dubbed 'Sexiest Nonprofit Fundraiser'! The Octopus Club's over-the-top art auction cleverly links fun and human sexuality to HIV awareness and the perpetual support of the local AIDS community. Filled with titillating images, witty characters and outrageous entertainment, Art Erotica 2009 was fantabulous!