Monday, June 29, 2009

Boy Butter Flagging on stage at NYC Pier Dance for Pride 2009

Brendan caught me on video Flagging (in Black and White Trunks) at the Pier Dance in NYC stage with zeal, passion and figuratively moving Heaven and Earth for those watching. I've been Flagging for over 11 years, taught by my best friend Xavier Caylor of SF. Now and all the hoots and the hollering suggest he's still got it!

Thanks Brendan for this amazing iPhone Video recording.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

Gay Pride Debate on KOGO Radio San Diego, Eyal Feldman and Steve Yuhas

GAY PRIDE is coming to town and we have a great debate. Is gay pride helpful or harmful to the gay cause? Does it just reinforce stereotypes that many gays demand that straight people get rid of? Most of my material comes from convesations with friends so my friend will co-host with me and he supports gay pride. Should be a wild ride. Eyal Feldman is the co-host on a special Steve Yuhas Show 5 pm Pacific July 12th, 2009. Please be part of the debate by calling toll free during the show (800-600-5646)On KOGO Radio.
Eyal Feldman co-hosting our gay pride debate
Check out more on Steve Yuhas, America's Favorite Gay Conservative Radio Talk Show Host,

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Boy Butter is hitting Gay Pride Madrid 2009

Dear Boy Butter Fans in Europe! Boy Butter is planning on hitting the world's largest Gay Pride, Madrid Pride July 5th, 2009. This will be a great way to do some good old Boy Butter brand awareness in Europe. And as a good Boy Butter representative I swear to walk with my head held high, proud, flash smiles, be slim, statuesque and fabulous. I'll make sure to always have samples in hand to give them out and must always, always wear a Boy Butter T-shirt and/or Boy Butter Baseball Cap. I have been to Gay Pride Madrid 2001, and it was off the hook. 2 Million People attend this Gay Pride every year and that is twice the size of NY pride and the largest Gay Pride Event taking place on the planet. Viva Espana! Y Viva Catalunya!