Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A 4000 year history of Jerusalem in 5 Minutes

Jerusalem, a mosaic of different peoples, faiths, and nationalities. Nevertheless, despite this diversity, under the sovereignty of Israel, Jerusalem is a city that works. But has it always been this way?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Gay Marine homecoming kiss seen round the world

Not five months after the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and we’ve got a viral gay-couple photo, of a Marine named Brandon Morgan jumping in the arms of his partner, Dalan Wells.
“This is a homecoming picture—gay, straight, lesbian, no matter who you are, love is love,” said Morgan when profiled on Hawaiian TV station KHON. “We haven’t fought for more rights or better rights than anyone. We’ve fought for equal rights, and now we have them.”
Said an official Marine Corps spokesperson: “It’s your typical homecoming photo.”
Might be, but we think there’s something special about this one.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Hedda Lettuce dishes out Boy Butter at Chelsea Classics Movie Night on Thursdays

If the phrase Barbara, please! means something special to you and you live in New York, most likely you’ve attended at least once the weekly Clearview Classics series at Chelsea’s Clearview Cinemas, hosted by New York’s own, reigning “Queen of Green,” drag performer and comic chanteuse Hedda Lettuce. Every movie ticket is a raffle in which you win prizes like free movie tickets, t-shirts, and always a free Boy Butter H20 Personal Lubricant, one of Hedda's proudest sponsors. 

Hilarious American Dad musical number of The Log Cabin Republicans, "We're Red and We're Gay."

The Log Cabin Republicans present a hilarious musical number outlining their socio-political platform: "We're Red and We're Gay."

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Out and about in Houston

      After my first trip to America's fourth largest city, I found it to be a lively and stylish cosmopolitan town that effortlessly blends Western and Southern heritage and style. Houston has been one of America's great boomtowns and is recognized worldwide for its energy industry—particularly for oil and natural gas—as well as for biomedical research and aeronautics. The energy of the city is not just based in petroleum, but the warm and friendly people who lend their own kind of energy make it a fun place to hang and make some new friends.

Houston acts as a cultural capital bridging the South and Southwest, with some of the best museums in the country. Cultural highlights include the Menil Collection, with works by Warhol, Leger, and Picasso and is within walking distance of the Rothko Chapel. The Chapel contains 14 large-scale Mark Rothko paintings and a peaceful reflecting pool and plaza; and the Byzantine Fresco Chapel, which showcases two 13th-century frescoes rescued from war-torn Cyprus. Not far from there is The Museum of Natural Science, with tons of educational exhibits and that it boasts a 25,000 square foot rainforest with butterfly garden, a 3-D IMAX theatre and a planetarium.

The downtown area is a trendy district of restaurants, clubs, shops, condos, hip hotels, and an architecturally stunning baseball stadium.  Other central Houston neighborhoods, including gay-popular Montrose and up-and-coming Midtown area are definite places to visit and spend some time. A trip here would not be complete without visiting The Galleria, the biggest shopping mall in Texas, is a must do. Just make sure you remember where you parked cause it is really really big and you can get really lost.

The Houston gay scene is centered in Montrose, an attractive neighborhood a couple of miles southwest of downtown, with a mix of early 20th-century homes and cottages and newer pockets of condos and apartments. The gayborhood's epicenter is where Westheimer Road crosses Montrose Boulevard, and you're within walking distance of countless gay bars and gay-friendly restaurants and stores where one can purchase a drink or two then if things go well maybe some Boy Butter lubricants, which you can even find at the local Walgreens pharmacy. There is a place in my heart for Houston and I can easily find myself going back again and again.
The Museum of Natural History
T-rex on the loose

The Rothko Chapel
The Menil Collection, an amazing museum with a free entrance
The Galleria, or the massive mall o'Texas
Shalom Y'all, entrance to the Jewish Community Center of Houston

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Spreading the Boy Butter around Gay Houston

As soon as I arrived in Houston I've been ready willing and able to spread some Boy Butter around the country's 4th largest city and it's bustiling Gay scene. I took some photos of stores where my product is carried and was able to put up a good amount of posters and banners which always manage to catch the eye in some bars and hangouts. Guerrilla marketing is one of my favorite ways to advertise the goods :  )
The main leather store, Black Hawk Leather
Some Boy Butter at Black Hawk on Fairview
Boy Butter section at Eros 1207 in South Houston
Hollywood Super Center, Gay Houston's main gay retail store in Montrose and an awesome BB banner hanging right outside
A closer look at the banner hanging outside the Hollywood Super Center, yay.
Boy Butter section inside the Hollywood Super Center
Bob Houghton, owner of Black Hawk Leather
 standing proudly in his store next to a fun little Boy Butter poster.
Boy Butter at Black Hawk store at the Ripcord

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hasidic Women Open Up About Their Sex Lives

Oprah gets four wives and mothers from Brooklyn, New York's Hasidic community get personal and clear up common misconceptions about Hasidic couples' sex lives. Oprah learns about their traditional laws, the importance of verbal communication and more.
Learn more about Hasidic culture America's Hidden Culture

Monday, February 13, 2012

OPINION: The Case Against Pinkwashing, Or Why I’m Gay For Israel

by Jayson Littman
Imagine a nation that prohibits workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation, allows gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military, provides domestic-partner benefits in the private and public sectors, recognizes gay adoptions (and gay marriages performed abroad), has LGBT celebrities whose careers haven’t been hurt by their coming out, and saw more than 100,000 people attend its most recent Pride parade—even though the whole country is smaller than the state of New Jersey?
What if I told you that, despite being one of the most pro-gay democracies on Earth, this country is under fire from the gay-activist set?
You may have guessed: I’m talking about Israel—a country that, when it comes to Pride, proves size doesn’t always matter.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A little guerilla marketing in the West Village never hurt

As for New York City, it is a place apart. 
There is not its match in any other country in the world."
 - Pearl S. Buck

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Small town gay club, The Link, in Western Penn proudly displays Boy Butter posters

If you find yourself in North Huntingdon Township, PA (not too far from Pittsburgh) just make sure to visit the friendly and fun place to have a drink and a dance called The Link. I hear they have some contests where Boy Butter Lubricants is given as a prizes, maybe you might be the lucky one to win.
 The Link  
91 Wendel Rd.
Irwin, PA 15637
(724) 446-7717

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hidden in the Open: A Photographic Essay of 140-Years of Black Male Couples

        Historian Trent Kelly has been digging through the past—140 years of the past to be specific. But what he’s discovered has been well worth the effort. Check out some images from the mid 19th century through the 20th in Hidden In The Open. “Historically, the Afro American gay male and couple has largely been defined by everyone but themselves. Afro American gay men are ignored into nonexistence in parts of black culture and are basically second class citizens in gay culture. The black church which has historically played a fundamental role in protesting against civil injustices toward its parishioners has been want to deny its gay members their right to live a life free and open without prejudice. Despite public projections of a “rainbow” community living together in harmonious co-habitation, openly active and passive prejudices exist in the larger gay community against gay Afro Americans.” says Trent Kelly. 
                                        Romantic Afro Male Couples_0008                                                                 
                                          Afro Male Couples_0012
Romantic Afro Male Couples_0001
Romantic Afro Male Couples_0009
Romantic-Affectionate Men 
Ubangi Club, Harlem 1934-37
Passionate African American men, early 1980s
Romantic men, 1920s

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My kitty having a good time on top of the fridge.

Everyone who knows my cat Lily, knows that she is not the friendliest or warmest of kitties. Well, for a few moments a day she becomes very very friendly. I think I captured one of those moments on top of our fridge. Take a look, you decide.