Saturday, February 18, 2012

Spreading the Boy Butter around Gay Houston

As soon as I arrived in Houston I've been ready willing and able to spread some Boy Butter around the country's 4th largest city and it's bustiling Gay scene. I took some photos of stores where my product is carried and was able to put up a good amount of posters and banners which always manage to catch the eye in some bars and hangouts. Guerrilla marketing is one of my favorite ways to advertise the goods :  )
The main leather store, Black Hawk Leather
Some Boy Butter at Black Hawk on Fairview
Boy Butter section at Eros 1207 in South Houston
Hollywood Super Center, Gay Houston's main gay retail store in Montrose and an awesome BB banner hanging right outside
A closer look at the banner hanging outside the Hollywood Super Center, yay.
Boy Butter section inside the Hollywood Super Center
Bob Houghton, owner of Black Hawk Leather
 standing proudly in his store next to a fun little Boy Butter poster.
Boy Butter at Black Hawk store at the Ripcord

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Josiah Wintermute said...

I am so excited after seeing your blog.

John Wintermute