Monday, July 29, 2013

Watch: Michael Lucas interview about taking medication to prevent HIV transmission

Gay Adult Film Mogul Michael Lucas visits HuffPost Live to discuss his Out Magazine op-ed and why he decided to start HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis treatment. 

To read Michael Lucas's full interview in Out Magazine: click here

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Leading Russian LGBT Activist Says Vodka Boycott “Will Not Influence Russian Politics”

Prominent Russian LGBT activist Nikolai Alekseev has long been the poster child for battling homophobic legislation in Russia. For years, he has personally spearheaded efforts to bring an official LGBT Pride festival to the streets of Moscow, taken his battle to the courts, and has been beaten, bruised, and thrown in jail because of it.
This week, he’s responding to calls for a boycott of Russian vodka, insisting there’s “no point” in boycotting beverages, calling it a “symbolic gesture doomed to failure,” according to Gay Star News.
“To be honest, I don’t see the point in boycotting the Russian vodka,” he said. “It will impact anyone except the companies involved a little bit. The effect will die out very fast, it will not last forever…The producers, even if they become bankrupt because of the boycott (which is unlikely) will not be able to influence Russian politics and President Putin as well as the decisions of the State Duma.”
In place of a boycott, Alekseev said “targeting homophobic lawmakers” is the best course of action. The smartest way to do this, in his opinion, is to pressure other governments to add the authors of Russia’s “gay propaganda” law to visa ban lists, which would effectively lock them inside the country.
“Pressure your governments to put the authors of those laws on the black lists for the entrance visas,” Alekseev added. ”They will suffer and others will think twice. Nothing else will work!”
Yesterday, Stoli CEO Val Mendeleev issued a letter stating the company “has always been, and continues to be, a fervent supporter and friend to the LGBT community.” Last night, Stoli’s Facebook page got a super-gay makeover with the revival of their #StoliPride campaign. Currently, company officials are responding to many disgruntled patrons in an open forum in the #StoliPride post’s comments section.

Full story here:

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New Priape Canada store campaign for Boy Butter Lubes

Voici un petit avant-goût de notre campagne estivale en collaboration avec les lubrifiants Boy Butter! / Here's a little preview of our summer campaign with Boy Butter Lubricants!

If you want to buy Boy Butter, click here:

Si vous voulez acheter Boy Butter, cliquez ici:

Friday, July 19, 2013

Boy Butter penetrates Navy slang as Torpedo lubricant

I just learned from the blog The Mellow Jihhadi that the name of my own creation, Boy Butter, has penetrated the military lexicon as slang. Check out his blog post and definition below.

 The Mellow Jihadi, July 15th, 2013 Blog Post:
A retired naval officer in my cubicle has prohibited the use of the word Boy Butter. I am not sure entirely who starting saying it, but it became something to chortle at. (Forgive us, we are Sailors. We gurgle at bright shiny things.) Lo and behold, Boy Butter has some naval connotations:

Boy Butter – A light tan grease used by weapons types on torpedoes.

Hmm. I wonder if he minds if we go back to using it? (Using it = saying it.)

Comments Page:
  1. I was told to go get some Boy Butter by a 1st TM who hated me. I scoffed because I had also been told to get some monkey shit by a BM. I always seem to get into trouble telling God Blessed 1st Classes to shove it. How did I know they were serious and both were real stuff?
  2. Hmmmm….. Often when one has such a strong repulsion to a thing, it might be found that they have had a traumatic experience with “said thing” (in this case, boy butter). Have you been able to get the back story from him?
  3. If memory serves, it’s the Air Farce fellow that is revolted by the boy butter. Him not being as salty as You are Navyone.
    I’m pretty I generously offerring my limited supply to anyone in need.
      • Ah, the Air Force fellow is a little touchy about the use of boy butter. RGR, all the reason to talk about it!
  4. The first page of hits on Yahoo! are quick reads of personal health products available at drug stores, nothing else. This also gives a new implication to the word “torpedo.” It also hints at the use of “boy” in this context.
    I’m with my fellow former Air Force guy. This certainly has potential to be offensive, due to double entendre comments.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Madonna celebrates son, Rocco's Bar Mitzvah in NYC Kabbalah Center

Queen of pop reunites with ex-husband Guy Ritchie at Kabbalah Center to mark son Rocco's coming of age.

Madonna, well-known for her involvement in Kabbalah studies since the 90s, reunited with her ex-husband and director Guy Ritchie to celebrate their son Rocco’s coming of age on Saturday. 

The celebration took place at The Kabbalah Center in New York and included a small gathering the night before.

Madonna posted a photo on her Instagram of Rocco, 12, completing the writing of a Torah scroll with the caption: “We finish the last letter of the Torah for Rocco’s Bar Mitzva! Lucky 13! Happy Birthday! Potential………responsibility!!!!” -Madonna.”

The festivities continued at Bklyn Beast, New York City’s training facility for Parkour, Capoeira and Dance.

The queen of pop has long been known to have an affinity for the study of Jewish mysticism. 

She is also a keen supporter of Israel. Last year, she performed at Ramat Gan Stadium in the first show of her MDNA world tour.

Read original Jerusalem Post article here

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Photo highlights from Canada's second city, Montreal

You have to check out some of the lovely photos from our recent trip to Canada's second largest city, Montreal. The city is the cultural and economic capital of Quebec and the main entry point to the province. It is a city rich in culture and history and a well-deserved reputation as one of the liveliest cities in North America. Montreal is the second-largest French-speaking (as a mother language) city in the world, behind Paris. The population of Montreal is about 1.9 million, with 4 million in the metro area. There is a lot to do for any tourist and boy can it get hot and humid in the summer, felt more like Miami than what you would expect Montreal to feel like.
Old Montreal, gives you that so old french village feel
Old Montreal street
I love Old Montreal window boxes
Gay Village Montreal
Boy Butter section of Priape, Canada's largest gay store chain
Priape storefront in Gay Village
Bonsai bonanza at Botanical Garden of Montreal
Mini Bonsai forest
Another Beautiful bonsai 
145 year old bonsai tree
Brendan resting on the grass of Botanical Gardens
Pondside Botanical Gardens
1000 pinned beetles 
An otter posing at the Biodome

Monday, July 1, 2013

Highlights from the Pier Dance for NYC Pride 2013

Check out some awesome video highlights from yesterday's star studded
Pier Dance for Gay Pride 2013
Pier Dance madness with 8000 gay people (and some straights), my awesome friend Gil Khoury is flagging it up
Deborah Cox is performing beautifully one of the best power ballads in Gay Circuit history
Whoopi Goldberg congratulating the crowd on winning Gay Marriage
Cher sings for us, awesome.