Thursday, February 11, 2010

NY Examiner: Eyal Feldman, New York's King of Lube talks Lucky and Boy Butter

That's right kids! You have to read my new interview in the famous NY Examiner Magazine.
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Eyal Feldman, New York's King of Lube talks Lucky and Boy ButterSexual Lube
Eyal Feldman, maker of Boy Butter and Lucky sexual lubricants.
Today's Abiola's Kiss & Tell News.
Eyal Fedman, whom we dub the lubricant king, is one of the readers next week at Abiola's Kiss & Tell Live erotic reading series on Tuesday February 16th 7-10pm at Madame X in New York City. That's the gorgeous Eyal above, and yeah, he knows he's hot. He poses in his own ads. You would do that too if you had his body or lube empire so stop judging. The gorgeous gay (had to give the ladies a heads up) found gaps in the personal lubricant market and blessed us all with an array of sexy products including male enhancement pills called Boy Butter Bonerz, Boy Butter his famous booty desensitizing lubricants for anal sex and Lucky made specifically for women and vaginal sex. We found Lucky fresh and lotion-y. The fun packaging also makes the Boy Butter products less intimidating in the bedroom.
ABIOLA ABRAMS: Ok, Eyal, spill it! What's your cocktail party introduction? Who are you and what do you do?

EYAL FELDMAN: My cocktail party introduction is usually having to repeat and spell out my unique name E-Y-A-L. I am a tall, hot and sexy personal lubricant manufacturer (Boy Butter Lubricants) google me Eyal Feldman.

ABIOLA:  Very nice. Where are these parties? We'll meet you there. What gives you the cajones to participate in a sexy reading series like Abiola's Kiss and Tell?

EYAL: Because my life and work revolve around sex, sexual health, sexual education and of course sexual marketing. Im also quite a witty spirit and love public speaking, I think this will be fun.

ABIOLA: It will definitely be fun, oh witty one. What can we see from you at the event on Mardi Gras 2010 at Madame X, February 16th? Actually, are you more Mardi Gras or Valentine's Day Hangover?

EYAL: Since I am a hopeless romantic with an insatiable libido, I will be crashing from a Valentines full of loving, you will see me at the Valentine's Day Hangover for sure.

ABIOLA: Awww. Ok, truth Eyal. What's the sexiest thing you've ever done for another person?
EYAL: The sexiest thing I have ever done for someone was love them exclusively, take care of them, and keep them turned on by keeping fit, trim and sexy so we can be together forever.
ABIOLA: That's sweet, I think, in a very NYC Chelsea gym culture kind of way. What's the sexiest thing someone has ever done for you?

EYAL: The sexiest thing for me is surprising me with a show, vacation or romantic dinner. I'm a cheap date, I love all the little things.

ABIOLA:  Sweet! Are you going to be giving anything away with your reading/ performance? (Besides secrets!)

EYAL: I will be giving away samples and a couple full size products to people with the craziest love stories during my segment. We can gauge who wins by level of clapping from the audience.

ABIOLA:  We love it. What should people know about your work?

EYAL: I want people to know that my work and mission on this Earth to make love even better with just a dollop butter!

ABIOLA:  Nice. Where can we find you besides Abiola's Kiss & Tell Live?
EYAL: I am doing a Boy Butter Lube tour en Espanol of Gay Buenos Aires 2/24/10 to 3/3/10. Im thinking of writing a book on how to be their sexiest, most successful, and happy even in a recession. You can find easily, google Eyal Feldman, on facebook, Boy Butter on twitter and of course Boy Butter and Shop Lube.
We adore Eyal Feldman.
What do you think?
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