Monday, March 1, 2010

Boy Butter's Grapes of Wrath

Today we headed over to Maipú, the center of wine and olive production in Mendoza's rich grape filled heartland. My travel companion Shaul and I rented bicycles and headed to La Rural Vineyards, where there was a large vineyard, winery, olive press and and housed the very educational La Rural Museo del Vino (museum of wine). 
      Afterwards we stopped for lunch at an amazing outdoor restaurant called Almecen del Sur located in the middle of the Maipús vineyards. I snapped a ton of pictures of today's excursion, live vicariously through my aventura Argentina! 

The Following Group of Photos are in La Rural Winery and Museum
As soon as we arrived at the winery they put me to work
La Rural Wine Barrel  

Entrance to the vineyards on the property, 
(I guess Mary and baby Jesus work better than insecticide)
Grapes of Wrath
Vineyards to the left
Vineyards to the right
Barrel laden entrance to winery and museum
Museum and wine-tasting room 
Wine-tasting room and Barrels (Shaul in the center)
Historical wine making and bottling equipment 
Back to work harvesting cabernet sauvignon
I love Oilve Oil!
The following group of photos are for Almacen del Sur
Outdoor restaurant
Delicious wine and food, yummy.
This wine tastes oaky, smoky, earthy, and tokey 
Shaul at the restaurant entrance

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