Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hasta La Bye-Bye Buenos Aires!

After 8 days of my South American adventure, this blessed summertime reprieve is coming to a close. On my last day I went out exploring the beautiful architecture of this huge city which is in fact the 8th largest city in the world. It is very reminiscent of Barcelona but has the sheer expanse of Los Angeles. Next time I visit Argentina I would love to explore the very south of the county near to the Antarctic and walk amongst the glaciers and penguins. I would have to recommend a visit to Argentina, the people are friendly, fairly attractive, and one of the few places left where my US dollar is worth anything. I part with these words in Spanish and English.
Adios Buenos Aires, me encanta esta ciudad mas grande y bella que hay en Sur America. Y muchisimas gracias a Shaul Betesh que me invito a quedar en su piso y me dio una aventura tan dulce. 
Good-Bye Buenos Aires, I love this most beautiful big city in South America. And thank you Shaul Betesh for inviting me here to stay in your apartment and giving me this sweet adventure. 

Photos of BA Buildings / Fotos de Edifiicios en BA
Shaul's Apt Building
Central Synagogue -Sinagoga Central
Bust of Miguel Hidalgo , leader of Mexican Independanc

Eyal Feldman

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Lindsay said...

There are many important buildings also overlook the plaza: the Roca School, the Spanish Imperial-style Teatro Cervantes, and the synagogue Templo Libertad, which contains the Jewish History Museum. When I was there I didnpt know where to go first. I went to Tribunales that was close. The defining feature of this neighborhood is the Argentine Supreme Court, from which the area takes its name. The buenos aires apartment was in downtown so all these places were close to my place!