Friday, January 4, 2013

Boy Butter 10th Anniversary Edition - Gold Label

Just in time for this year's 10th anniversary of Boy Butter Lubricants comes my most beautiful product yet, which I am sure will soon become a collectors item. Few things are as precious as gold and because of that I want to introduce The 10th Anniversary Edition Boy Butter Gold Label in an exquisite luxurious shiny golden metallic label.  

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Boy Butter Gold Label is a special golden gift to the connoisseurs of fine personal lubricants. Back in 2003 Boy Butter Lubricants debuted the first oil based lubricants consisting of coconut oils and an organic silicone blend homogenized to perfection into the world's first totally water soluble and easily washable personal lubricant. Perfect for both men and women alike Boy Butter Gold lasts as long as any synthetic or silicone lubricant yet washes off with water alone from both skin and fabric. Gentle, multi-purpose and safe on all toys.

Plus, a portion of the proceeds of Boy Butter Gold goes to global reforestation projects, so it is as green as it is gold.

"Millions served since 2003"

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