Friday, February 1, 2013

Hedda Lettuce hilariously introduces BB Gold Label in crowded Chelsea theatre, nearly causing a riot

      Hedda Lettuce, the green goddess of song, drag and comedy hosts a weekly movie night on Thursdays at 7:30 pm called Cheslea Classics at the Chelsea Clearview Cinema in NYC. For the first time Boy Butter Gold Label, the 10th Anniversary Edition was a prize in last night's raffle and it was funny to hear Hedda come up with some new jokes about Boy Butter. Hedda Lettuce performs around the country and starting tomorrow debuting for the first time on the Atlantis Cruise, The Independence of the Seas Feb 2-10, packed with 3500 gay men from all over the world, all potential Boy Butter customers and Hedda will know how to spread our buttery message on thick as she hosts bingo and several comedy shows during the week. The dowager Lettuce will also be giving out Boy Butter Gold Label as prizes during those shows on the cruise, and hopefully we can get some good video and photos of that next week.

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