Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hedda Lettuce is giving them GOLD on the biggest gay cruise of 2013

All aboard the S.S. Lettuce as Hedda tours the high seas of the Caribbean with 3500 gay men and 32 women (a fantastic ratio) this week on the biggest gay cruise of 2013, Atlantis Event's Independence Caribbean cruise. Armed with a smile and a large gilded crock of Boy Butter Gold Label, The 10th Anniversary Edition, Hedda Lettuce who is 100% organic and certified 'green' is spreading the boy buttery gospel throughout the ship with her comedy stylings, hosting of Bingo night, wanders the ship and entertains the sailors and even decorates her suite door with some BB Gold posters. I could not be more proud of my green goddess of giggles! Please check out some photos and hilarious video of one of Hedda's nightly shows.
Hedda gold plated her suite door
Winning smiles.
Nothing like a stroll around a gay cruise ship with some lube.
Muscle Bear goes for gold
I love pizza!
I love how much fun they are having :  )

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