Friday, September 23, 2011

MISSION COMPLETE: Hoover Dam This is A Long Swim

Me and Michael Adams, 
Executive Director of SAGE

I am happy to say that this year's charity marathon swim, Hoover Dam This is a Long Swim, is successfully completed. It was an emotional and amazing experience that I got to share with my close family and all of you. This swim was a mix of all the things I love: family, swimming and charity. We not only achieved our goal of $6000 but we surpassed it by $2200 and raised $8200. With a generous matching dollar for dollar grant from the H. van Ameringen Foundation makes the total $16,400, by far the most I ever raised for the farthest I ever swam and a new record to try and beat next year : )

Thanks again to everyone who donated
 making this such a tremendous success! 


Eyal Feldman, 
marathon swimmer and activist for elder adults

Below is a special video documenting my seven mile swim across Lake Mead. 

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Anonymous said...

Eyal darling,

I am so proud of you! I am in awe and admiration of your dedication to Sage, your tremendous athleticism, and your scrumptious body.

Thank you for being such a wonderful human being!