Friday, September 9, 2011

Martha Stewart sets her sights on Israel -

JERUSALEM – Martha Stewart spent the Labor Day weekend in Israel, where she attended a family wedding and scouted locations for an upcoming segment of her popular TV show.
Stewart is so well-known, even in Israel, that Prime Minister Netanyahu and his wife, Sarah, invited her for a 45-minute chat — on a very busy news day.

"I always wanted to come here and finally got an invitation to my nephew's wedding," 
Stewart said during an exclusive interview with USA TODAY in Tel Aviv. "I was also planning to do a show here — we go to foreign countries and do a one-hour almost-documentary on how to travel to a country — so we contacted the Ministry of Tourism."

While the ministry, which paid for the four-day trip, is used to wining and dining visiting dignitaries and celebrities, it rarely hosts foodies with a fan base as large as Stewart's.

In Jerusalem, Stewart took in the sights and smells at the Mahane Yehuda market, a cacophonous place brimming with the freshest local produce, baked goods and funky restaurants.

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