Friday, September 2, 2011

The big apple babysitting adventures come to a close

Well, my cute little neighbor Seamus Franck is moving upstate to start a new life with a new dad and two new big brothers. Over the last couple of years Seamus and I have been spending quality time now and again with babysitting adventures around New York city. As this was our last time together as neighbors and babysitting buddies we really enjoyed running around, jumping, dancing, and watching the city go by. Our favorite places to go are the little play parks for kids around our neighborhood and our favorite new park, the Highline, where we always see interesting things and people.  I certainly hope Seamus remembers our time as fondly as do I.
Seamus and I 
Beautiful stonework on a church on 9th ave and 21st street
Seamus is pretending to be on the phone, cute
Seamus took this early sunset photo from the Highline
Beautiful classical music at the Highline
Babysitting like the day has come to a close

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