Tuesday, September 6, 2011

3/4 of goal achieved for Hoover Dam This is a Long Swim

Robby Browne, longtime SAGE advocate and host of New York’s premier Holiday Gifts for Kids and Seniors party, has pledged $1,500 in matching support to Eyal’s swim. He challenges you to make your gift today and, if you do, Robby will match it - dollar for dollar - up to $1,500 to ensure that Eyal reaches his goal.
After a great labor day weekend I am proud to announce that we have reached to 3/4 of the way to the goal for my 2011 charity swim for SAGE on Sept. 18th, Hoover Dam This is a Long Swim. In less than two weeks I will be swimming across Lake Mead from Nevada to Arizona and back on a seven mile non-stop marathon swim directly in front of the world famous Hoover Dam. We have raised almost $4200 so far and are so close to reaching and possibly surpassing our lofty goal of $6000. For training I am swimming 2 miles per day and am spreading the word about this swim as far and wide as possible. Please remember we are raising money to help the services and advocacy of LGBT older adults. Older adults are the fastest growing segment of our society and we need to pitch in to help them and us in the future. G-d bless us all with health, a long life and a sense of charity for those who are in need. Like Robby Browne, if you have donated to my swim, thank you so much, if you have not donated yet and are interested in doing so please click here.

My 7 mile route from Las Vegas Bay, NV to Shelter Cover AZ

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