Friday, July 30, 2010

NYC's "IT" Gay Newsletter writes about Jesus Walked I Swam

Check out my awesome write up by Manhattan's "It" Gay newsletter by Mark Nelson Events a promotions, publicity, and entertainment production firm specializing in nightlife events in New York and nationally. Anyone who is anyone in the NYC Gay elite gets this newsletter every Thursday to keep up with what's what and who's  who in the Big Apple. I was lucky enough to have my charity swim Jesus Walked I Swam covered in this weeks newsletter. Take a look for yourself...


Anonymous said...

I love being geneukt door sexy jongens! Na de Gay parade mijn lul moet altijd minstens een week van herstel.
Niet alleen een enkelvoudig actief flikker in mijn gemeenschap, maar ik ben ook een kunstenaar, check out sone van mijn werk.
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Mitchell S Jackson said...

I'm a black gay man living in NYC. Portland native but My heart is in NY. I moved out here with hopes of becoming the one of the best selling gay authors since James Baldwin! I'm witty, fun, and fashion conscious!!! I'm often misunderstood, but that's only because My swagger is genius!!! Arrogant but that's only cause my dick is huge!! Check me out... said...

Knock on my back door and I'll let you in.