Friday, July 9, 2010

Feldman and Peck Family Photos in Tel Aviv

I will be in Tel Aviv in a couple days, but my family is there a week ahead of me. Here are a couple beautiful shots of the family looking picture perfect, taunting me with the good times they are having with out me. I will be there soon enough.

 Donna Feldman-Peck (little sister), Amos Feldman (dad) and Miri Feldman (big sister)
posing sidewalk style in Tel Aviv.
Amos, Gabriel Alpin (little nephew, whose head poking out under my dad arm, Nathaniel Alpin (my first nephew), Miri Feldman-Peck, Etti Feldman, (momma) and Donna Feldman-Peck.

Dan Peck (Miri's husband and father of the 3 beautiful boys sitting on the cannon. Nathaniel Alpin, Gabriel Alpin, and baby brother Michael Peck. With my dad Amos and my awesome brother in law John Peck in background.

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