Friday, July 16, 2010

Jesus Walked I Swam - Mission Complete with Photos and Video

Well, I finished my 10 kilometer marathon swim for charity yesterday and it took me 3 hours and 15 min to cross the beautiful Sea of Galilee. With the help of family, friends and generous strangers, we had raised over $3500 to date for Jesus Walked I Swam. It was a total and complete success and people are still donating! Thank you all for all the support. This swim was one of the most beautiful, rewarding and meaningful experiences of my life.

I want to thank my family for being by my side (literally) on this swim and performing the all neccessary physical safety and emotional support. 

  To learn more about this charity and how to donate, 

please visit JESUS WALKED I SWAM

Please check out my photos 

plus a great video of the marathon swim from finsih line.


The actual launch site located in the village of Kefar Nachum or Capernaum (The town is first mentioned in the New Testament, where it figures prominently in the Gospel narratives as the place where Jesus lived during much of his ministry in the Galilee) on the Northwest shore of The Sea of Galilee or the Kinneret 

This is a photo of the 5th century Byzantine Greek Orthodox The Church of the Seven Apostles

Part of my lovely safety team, my parents Amos and Esther Feldman
Sea Captain Chilik and Donna Feldman  
my super model sister and part time sportscaster.

With special appearance by John Peck, 
world's coolest water loving brother in law.
Donna Feldman welcoming you to my swim
Stroke! 2 km
Super model mom and sister posing boatside.
Stroke! 6 km
Mom and Dad sunning on the boat.

Stroke! 8 km
Mom and Dad enjoying a tow behind the boat alongside me.
Last Stroke! 10 km arriving at finish line

Celebratory hug from sister Miri and her boys, Nathaniel and Gabriel
My teenage Arab groupies and cute photo bomber Gabriel Peck on far right.
Gabriel and I on our way to have some well deserved lunch after a totally successful swim

Check out  my short film of the swim,
Jesus Walked I Swam The Movie

A Special Thanks to the following, my parents  Amos and Esther Feldman, my sisters Miri Feldman-Peck and Donna Feldman-Peck, their husbands Dan and John Peck, my 3 angelic nephews Nathaniel, Gabriel and Michael, my awesome uncles David and Yoram Katzenelbogen, Meira Bienshtok of the Jerusalem Post and of course our brave and knowledgeable Sea Captain Chilik.


THORN said...

Please tell me you coated yourself with BOY BUTTER Warming Lubricant to keep yourself warm & slick across the Sea of Galalee…

Michael Stever said...
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Michael Stever said...

Hey buddy, am very proud of you!
Congratulations on a job well done!
Very much enjoyed your movie, and watching you make the trek via home video... After seeing your tireless determination swimming non-stop laps at the Rec Center, there was no doubt in my mind you'd finish the job! You should be very proud. Best, Michael

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