Friday, July 23, 2010

Jerusalem Trip 2010

Yesterday my uncle David Katzenelbogen acted as the finest tour guide took my sister Donna, Jon and I on a memorable trip through Jerusalem. We started off by driving through the expansive Jerusalem forest to Yad Vashem, the national Holocaust Museum which was absolutely powerful and impressive in scope and emotion. We then drove on to the City of David in Jerusalem through the new and glitzy Mamilla Mall which leads to the Old City which was established in the 4th millennium BCE. Walking through the ancient walkways, alleyways, market stalls snapping pictures all day long that I am including below, take a look.

Me, uncle David, and sister Donna stopping for ice coffee
 at the beginnings of our Jerusalem trip.

Beautiful church on a hill that just looked charming to me.
The entrance to Yad Vashem, (Holocaust Museum)
No photos are allowed to be taken inside the museum. 
The exit to Yad Vashem, which after an emotionally turbulent experience inside the museum unfolds to a happy ending with the Jerusalem forest of Israel which is so incredibly symbolic to post war period of salvation and freedom.
The view from the Jerusalem Forest from Yad Vashem.

The city of Jerusalem over 3000 years strong.
A fort building in Jerusalem Old City.
The Hospice of St. Vincent De Paul from Mamilla outdoor shopping district.
Beautiful alleyway of Jerusalem old city with the well worn stone streets.
Old Iraqi currency featuring Saddam Hussein on a arab shop window.
Vibrant market stalls in an alleyway of the Old City where every language in the world can be heard.

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