Friday, April 1, 2011

Want Boy Butter in Israel? Visit Sexy Shop in Tel Aviv

If you are in Tel-Aviv either as a resident or as a tourist please know that all your Boy Butter needs can be handled at our favorite Israeli sex shop appropriately called Sexy Shop. Hundreds of sexual health and wellness products line the shelves and provide Tel Aviv with an opportunity to get in touch with it's sexy side in a safe and comfortable way. But this is no ordinary sex shop, it is so much more. For only 30 shekels or $8.40 entrance fee you enter the backroom section of the store and newly renovated lower level complete with all the sexy modern convenience and backroom and video booths, plus a sleek new bar for if you need a martini or shot of tequilla before getting your sexy on : )

Sexy Shop
150 Dizengof Street,
Tel Aviv Israel
 The adorable owner Yoav standing next to Boy Butter display.
Boy Butter Display
Sexy Shop from the outside on Dizengof Street

1 comment:

xavier said...

Whose scooter is that outside the Sexy Shop? Are you motoring around Tel Aviv? I'm jealous!