Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Road Trip through a Martian landscape in Israel

If you ever wanted to know what it is like to drive through Mars, if it had a well paved road and Oxygen to breath. Well go no further than Israel's Negev Desert. The Negev is a desert and semidesert region of southern Israel and it comprises 55% of all the Israel's land. The whole Negev region is incredibly arid, receiving very little rain and  extreme temperatures due to its location just east of the Sahara. On our way to the resort town Eilat on the Red Sea, Brendan and I drive 200 miles from Tel-Aviv through much of the Negev. The gorgeous landscape is similar to images of the Martian landscape. Brownish yellows and reddish orange sandstones in so many colors and hues mixed with such little vegetation it really does feel like you are on another planet. The scenery is beautiful and breathtaking with vistas reminicsent of the Grand Canyon in Arizona and much of high elevated deserts of Utah. This region is filled with biblical history as many locations you are driving through were mentioned in the Bible. It does not take much imagination to understand why this area was a source of such intense religious inspiration. Just take a look at some of these outstanding photos from our drive through Israel's magnificent Negev Desert.
Beautiful landscape of Israel's Negev Desert
Gorgeous homes in Mitzpeh Ramon
Like driving through another planet
Barren ground and stoney hills
 Sandstone beauty
More sandstone beauty 
Canyon craziness
Brendan at Yotvata Kibbutz in the Negev which is famous for its dairy products.
I love Yotvata their milk is so fresh its like straight out the teet.

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Eitan Schwartz said...

The Negev is truly full of Martian and Lunar landscapes. On your visit to the Negev, while visiting it's southern tip in Eilat, you must book a trip with "What's Up" the Observatory in Eilat and the Arava to get a real close up with the Moon, the Planets and the Deep Sky. http://eilat-holiday.com/things-to-do/kids_activities/astronomy-whats-up-the-observatory/