Saturday, April 30, 2011

Crazy Queen's Day Weekend in Amsterdam 2011

We had a crazy weekend in Amsterdam over the world famous Queen's Day festivities. Queen's Day is in honor of the birth of Queen Juliana born in 1909 is the mother of the current Queen Beatrix and is always celebrated on April 29th and 30th. In the spirit of national togetherness the nation comes together and has massive street parties and open air parties all over the Netherlands to celebrate. This year around a million Dutch people and visitors swell the city and enjoy Amsterdam's raucous open-air fun. In the streets, canals, parks and everywhere in between, the city explodes as Amsterdammers enjoy the biggest street party of the year. Amidst orange-pride (the national color), live music, DJs, parties and a traditional citywide flea market, you'll find an low key and fun atmosphere that is everywhere and fun. While in Amsterdam there are tons of places to visit and explore so as to cultivate your cultural side too. The most visited place in Amsterdam is the Anne Frank House and Museum which sees over a million people annually and there is usually a substantial line but it is open till 10 pm so there is alot of opportunity to visit it. Also make time for the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam or the Dutch National Gallery where you can see an extensive and permanent Rembrandt exhibit, arguabley the most famous Dutch painters who lived in Amsterdam. So buy a little space cake and explore the city, it is a Boy Butter World Tour 2011 recommendation. 
Street and Canal Photos from 
Queen's Day 2011 in Amsterdam
All hail the Queen!
Canal Craziness
Street parties
Orange overdose : )
A Boy Butter poster catching a
passerby's attention at one of Amsterdam's famous public urinals ; )
A raucous night party in the street 
These posters are perfect over looking the Homomonument, 
it is one of the few times this poster is appropriate
Homomonument a memorial to gays and lesbians 
who were persecuted for their homosexuality.
Venetian Style buildings in downtown Amsterdam
Brendan loves Heineken 
I love Dutch architecture and the Dutch love bicycles.
Anne Frank House and Museum, one of the
most visited spots in the Netherlands.
Jewish Museum of Amsterdam
Amsterdam is a stoner's paradise
A peaceful canal before the festivities
 The World War II memorial
Circus rides in the center of Amsterdam
Well at least this is another appropriate spot for a Boy Butter poster.
 A Dutch party boat passing from under a bridge in 
Amsterdam Canal during Queen's Day
Street vendors and festival goers.
Steet scene over Queen's Day
Busy party boats in crowded canals
Night time street party

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