Thursday, January 27, 2011

Boy Butter World Tour 2011 officially announced

Starting this February 5th of 2011 Brendan and I will be embarking upon one of the greatest adventures  of our lives. A 3 month Boy Butter World Tour which will see me circumnavigate the world in 97 days traveling from NYC through the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Australia for Mardi Gras, Thailand and Vietnam for the massage after massage, Israel for some spiritual healing, Croatia for the heck of it and then Central and Western Europe and finishing it off with an Icelandic Arctic adventure before returning back to NYC in May. Check out this itinerary, its ridiculous. And I will make sure to have interesting photos and write ups of all my travels, eat your heart our Jules Verne.

Boy Butter World Tour is circumnavigating the planet 97 days

Atlantis Caribbean Gay Cruise Feb 6th - Feb 13th
Costa Rica Feb 15-23rd
Australia: Feb 24- Mar 9th
Thailand and Vietnam March 10th-March 30th
Tel Aviv: March 31st - April 6th
Croatia: April 6th - April 9th
Venice: April 10th April 11th
Budapest: April 12th-14th
Prague: April 15th - April 18th
Barcelona: April 19th - April 24th
Paris: April 25th - 27th
Amsterdam: April 28th May 1
Berlin, Germany: May 1st - May 7th
Cologne/Bonn Germany: May 8th May 11th
Iceland: May 11th May 13th
Back to NYC!

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