Monday, January 17, 2011

Beach Day in Malibu with the Feldman's

The whole country may be covered in snow and shivering in the frigid winter of 2011 but Southern California seems to be immune to the Winter's chill by having summer like heat in a paradise like climate. Just in time for my visit to LA this week came the amazing weather, which I have been enjoying thoroughly with the top down in my Mustang convertible (they ran out of Chrysler Sebrings). The weather has been so pleasant the Feldman and Peck clans decided to picnic it up in Malibu this past Sunday. With fun-time in the sunshine and plenty of sand in our suits we lived it up ran around and had a good old time.

Check out the Beach Day Photos:
Miri and Donna excited dancing in the Mustang before we head to the beach.
The Feldman's arrive in Malibu
The beach is gorgeous and around 80 degrees, not bad.
Move over Pamela here I come.
Move over Eyal and Pamela, here comes Donna.
Nathaniel is managing Gabriel in the construction of a sand castle.
Miri playing smashball
Donna and Miri smash balling.
I wanted to play smashball too.
I got it.
I think the ball went in the water.
My dad is tired of playing smashball with me.
Nathaniel surfin' it up.

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