Thursday, September 2, 2010

Willkommen Boy Butter nach Berlin

Well just arrived late morning to Berlin and it is so exciting. I am here to exhibit and sell Boy Butter from a booth at the Folsom Europe Street Festival this Saturday from 12 noon to 9 pm, so if anyone is around, please visit the Boy Butter Booth which located on the Lane 2, Booth # 15, (I included a layout map of the festival below). I have been as busy as a Berlin bee could be postering up the Gay village. I'm also, visiting stores and meeting friendly international out of towners and directing them to my booth. I am staying in a fabulous apt in the heart of the Gay Village, Sch√∂neberg, and I planted my Boy Butter flag right in the heart of it all, just to make a point.

Check out some major Guerilla Marketing Photos:

This is the balcony of the apt I am staying at courtesy of my wonderful Russian friends from Moscow, Garry and Sergei. This flag is hanging above the most popular gay cafe and restaurant in Berlin.
I love that this is a poster friendly town, 
cause I brought some posters along to spread the butter.
Old School BB Poster,
 "Try Squeezing some into your tight Agenda today!"
The internationally loved "It's like Buttah" poster, 
which always catches the wandering eye.

As promised a Map of Folsom Europe Saturday Sept 4th Noon-9pm 

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