Monday, September 20, 2010

Gala Moroccan-Israeli themed 60th Birthday Extravaganza for Amos Feldman

If you were not lucky enough to get on the invite list to the most talked about birthday bash at the Feldman family estate in Hidden Hills last night, don't fret I'll fill you in on some details and include some funny photos. The out of control fun started around 7:30 pm and was attended by the who's who of family, friends and loved ones celebrating my father, Amos Feldman on his 60th, mazel tov. The Feldman home and backyard was turned into a lovely Moroccan themed wonderland with an open bar and delectable treats on buffet as far as the eye could see. The catering was to die, and the live singer and musician were carrying the party to unimaginable heights of ecstatic celebration.

Here is the lovely backyard right before the party Sunday night
Candlelit pool area, certainly set the ambience.
The party is starting to fill up, VIP's everywhere already.
The music was great, you couldn't help but boogie.
Lovely couple Dan and Miri finishing their river dancing with the wildly impressed Donna clapping for a third encore performance.
Sisters Miri and Donna cracking up on dance floor
Donna and I celebrating dad's 60th
Uh oh, I am really fake drunk in this photo, watch out.
(btw, does this Martini glass make me look petite?)
I love birthday cake! Thank god they didn't put all 60 candles on it.
I guess he likes poker.

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