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The Male Couple Blog: The Butter Boy Interview

Eyal Feldman is a 32 years old succesful entreprenaur that gives pleasure and happiness to a lot of gay men all over the world with a product called "Boy Butter", something that maybe you are missing right now. We contacted to Eyal Feldmand when he was in LA visiting his family for his father's birthday but he was very nice and gave us a time to talk about his life, producs and much more...

Hello Eyal, thanks for saying yes to this interview and I need to confess that even when I know about your product I didn't try it before so I think I am missing something big and good…
Yes, everyone needs a little “Boy Butter”.

Why did you call your brand lube “Boy Butter”? When and how did you decide to create this product for gay people?

I called my brand “Boy Butter” because it was a very funny name and because it sounded like a gay lubricant. I am a Gay man and I wanted a lubricant that was good for gay sex, and creams are the best for that. Everyone men and women can and do use my product but it was a concept that I dreamt up to take a sexual product and present it as a food product to remove the stigma or shame associated with adult products.

What did you find out in your personal research when trying another kind of products or when talking or interacting with other people about lubs. Before to have in your mind the creation of these products how many kinds of lubs have you ever tried that was unsatisfied for you?
I was unsatisfied at the time with the other lubricants on the market that were popular. Usually there was water based lubricant gel which is made specifically for women, that is why when men use them by themselves or with other men, it is sticky and messy and is not enjoyable but it is condom safe. The other popular lubricants were silicone based lubricants which lasted too long and stained everything sheets and clothes and floors. I wanted to bring back the cream form lubricant because they are best for the male body and sex in general, creams are perfect right in the middle they last very long lasting, feel natural, and wash off with water.

When it was the first time did you use a lubricant? How did it work? Was a pleasant experience?
The first time I used the lubricant which was to become Boy Butter was in 2002, I found a company who made a coconut oil based cream lubricant which I tried when masturbating, it was so amazing and felt so good that I immediately used it with other hot boys who wanted to help me do "research" .The great thing about the formula is that it is thick and creamy like butter and stays exactly where you put it, does not get messy and the boys and I loved using it together and by ourselves, I would say all the research I ever did and still do feels incredibly pleasurable.

From your experience with the hot boys that wanted to help you to do "research" how it was the process when masturbating with the product? I bet it was a lot of fun even when making business. The process of sex is different every time you have it and with different people if you are topping or bottoming. The great thing about my product was that it allowed you to enjoy every aspect of penetration or just masturbation in what felt like a natural way. Many lubricants can feel unnatural and uncomfortable at times, but my creamy “Boy Butter” made it feels almost like we were not using anything at all really. It was just the perfect amount of lubrication and friction.

How it was your personal sexual discovery being gay? How did you deal with your religion since you are Jewish?

I came out very early in life, at 16 years old I came out to my parents first, I was raised in an Israeli and Jewish environment in Southern California and it was a very liberal and progressive area and being Gay was not really considered bad or wrong. I think my coming out experience was a wonderful dream and I could not have had it any better, especially hearing heartbreaking stories about the difficulties of others. I think it was easier to be Gay and Jewish because our culture is more liberal generally, even the religious people do not have problems with Gays very much, it is a part of life and people love their children and the best thing in the Jewish religion is that there is no hell and no big focus on sin at all.

I read you were to college and studied History and I bet you learnt a lot but even when you don't use your degree helped you with your business to understand other people’s culture.
History has helped me in the sense of knowing what people in the past used lubricants or sexual aides. “Boy Butter” or most cream lubricants are derived from the ancient German practice of those who used butter for cleaning, grooming, or sex. Just like the Ancient Romans used olive oil for cleaning, grooming and sex. History helps me to understand who and how people think the way they do and allows me to connect with them in a better way and understand their needs. My degree helps me only indirectly.

And how it was your contact with sexuality? Did you use to see magazines or use porn? How it was you’re growing up like a gay man in a big gay community like LA?

I did use and see porn, and still do today sometimes; it turns me on and makes me wanna use my product. I was lucky to grow up gay in LA cause it is a big, liberal city and it makes it easier for the gay man, to have places to go like, bars, clubs, cafes, a real community. Now I live in NY and it is just as great.

You are the image of “Boy Butter” in other words Eyal Feldman is El Chico Mantequilla as long as you appear in every add or publicity, did you decide to make in that way so people could identify easier with the product? I use myself because people connect better with the person who actually makes the product and sells it publicly, it is more intimate and excited for them to use it when they connect me so closely with my products.

Everybody that buy your products or go to your ads or publicity can find a very sexy, hot and attractive guy; do you feel about yourself in that way? How much do you train, what do you to be in shape? I exercise a lot, mostly lifting weights and a lot of swimming, it's important for me to be fit and in shape, because I am my own model and it adds to the connection and the marketing to people.

Which one is the part of your body you like best and the one is more attractive for other men? I think my height is the most attractive aspect; I am 2 meters tall or 6 foot 7 inches that dominates a lot.
Did you think in your past maybe to be a model like your famous and beautiful sister and supermodel Donna Feldman?  I never wanted to be a model like my sister, but I have no problem modeling for my business since I see it as being one part of my work.

 What does it mean for you to be a successful entrepreneur?  It means having a business that makes money and continues to grow and change and allow me freedom and independence.

Something is very attractive and colorful are the container and it looks like a food product, what did you find when testing with the clients?
 I never tested it with clients, my husband would kill me. But people like the packaging and love using the product; it really is an amazing lubricant.

You have the chance to interact with your customers by Facebook, do you have always in mind their suggestions or comments for new products? Do you have any special or particular anecdote? I
 take people's suggestions in mind, but usually I make the final decisions, sales usually are the best barometer of how a product does. There is always the joke of a man who leaves his Boy Butter tub out in his bedroom when he goes away on vacation for the weekend; he lets his parents use his apartment while he is away. When he returns he finds his Boy Butter tub in the refrigerator with pieces of toast in it.

What is the wildest sex experience did you have using your own personal lube? 
The wildest is before I was married, there were a couple sex parties, but I do not kiss and tell :), you will have to use your imagination.

Do you have a team working with you or are you the person that is all the time developing the ideas, marketing and promotion? 
I do most of the thinking about the product, but my lovely assistant Audrea who is my bookkeeper and my only employee helps a lot when it comes to sharpening my ideas of products and marketing.

I know you have been travelling to Europe or around USA to promote “Boy Butter”, how it was the experience? I love travel and my job allows me and pays for me to travel to places where my product sells or to explore new markets, many times I work a booth at a trade show or street festival and those are my favorite because I can meet interesting and exciting new people and spread the butter.

Do you think that Israel, your born country, is friendlier, tolerant and concern about gay rights that USA? What do you feel is the big difference between both societies? Israel is similar to the United States in many ways, it is much smaller, about the size of New Jersey, and only a little more than 7 million people, but it is an ancient land and culture but it is still a young country. Being Gay there is easy like in the US but if you are very religious or conservative it can pose issues with the family, but there are a lot of freedoms that you cannot find all over the world, especially in the Arab cultures and countries in the neighborhood. Being Gay is not such a big deal, it is just part of life and society celebrates it to an extent.

Do you find many differences between the gay scene in LA and NY?
 NY is bigger and has more gay people, LA is more relaxed and spread out, they are both exciting gay community’s but NY has a much more intense energy while LA is more laid back and the weather is a lot better.

How often do you travel to Israel, I know that one of the most friendly gay cities in the world is Tel Aviv, how is to party in there, wildest than LA? I am in Israel once or twice a year, the gay life and parties are more fun than in the US I think, they have an excellent scene and really hot boys, a lot to do all the time, many events.

Are you related or close to some kind of gay Jewish groups? I volunteer with SAGE which is an elderly gay organization, it is not Jewish but when I lived in Los Angeles I volunteered for the Jewish Home for the aging which is for very elderly Jewish people to live. I am active in elderly organizations whether they are Jewish or Gay or whatever.

I see you are involved with some social causes and activism like to help fundraiser for LGBTT organizations, how often do you participate in those activities?
 I volunteer throughout the year to visit old gay people in their homes, but every summer I do a marathon swim across a large body of water around the world and raise money for those organizations through having family, friends and strangers sponsor my swim.

What do you do when you are not working in “Boy Butter”? What are your favorite sports, books, movies? When I am not working, I like to travel, swim, exercise at the gym, I read a lot of books, mostly fiction and non-fiction, astronomy and science are of great interest to me lately and I find them fascinating. I also love going and seeing movies, especially with my hot husband, even though we don't always have the same taste in movies.

Do you have any gay icons you admire? I admire Alexander the Great, who was a young Gay man who ruled the world, who doesn't want that?

We know you are in a LTR and partnered since five years ago how it was your love story, how you guys make it work your relationship? What advices can you give to the readers? We make it work by not opening up the marriage to sleeping with other guys, we work hard on being monogamous, and that makes it special and makes it last longer and stronger. That is my secret, find someone you love and make the love stronger over time.

What do you recommend to young people to live their lives the fullest and don’t read heartbreaking stories about the difficulties of others? 
Life goes up and down, but most of us are blessed to be healthy and happy, and sometimes life can be hard, but usually it is to teach you a lesson, and if you learn the lesson, life can become good again and even better.

Your products are used by porn studios and gay porn stars, have you ever talked with them about the product?
 I always support porn or regular movies for using my product, it is a strong gay novelty product and it looks great on film, TV or videos.

In so many ways lub is related to health and HIV, do you think HIV is still a stigma for gay people and do you think young people is more conscious than before about their health? HIV has moved from a dangerous life threatening disease to a more chronic ailment, I think it is better to be and stay negative, but it does not have the same stigma that it had 20 or more years ago before the medications that would save people’s lives.

Do you think Obama's government is going to make gay marriage a federal law? No, he will not do that because it will cost him his presidency, I think the individual states will decide for themselves and the Supreme Court is where it will likely take place if it happens federally.

Have you ever heard about my country Peru where we still can't enjoy the pleasure of a personal lub like Boy Butter and only women's lub?
 I know you are planning a travel and visit us next year. I have heard of Peru and when I lived in Spain I knew many beautiful boys from Lima, when I do come I will try and help improve the lubricant choices out there.

What are your next projects professional and personal goals? Well this year my business has grown 30% and I expect the growth to continue next year as well, because we have been around for almost 8 years and we keep coming out with more and different exciting new products.

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