Monday, August 8, 2011

Hasta La Bye-Bye Fire Island

As this weekend was my last official weekend at our beach house on Fire Island I could not think of a better way to say goodbye. We had our friends, Meg and Charles and their lovely children spend much of Saturday with us. A full on party took place next door and whose disco ball my housemates managed to steal confirming the very madness that set in on the island this weekend. All in all there was plenty of sun, a little rain and a lot of tequila shots, which always make for a raucous good time. This was one of the best summer on Fire Island and I will treasure these memories forever, or at least till next summer. 
 Abby and Henry, the beautiful and well behaved kids from Brooklyn
Meg is taking Henry over to a table tennis match of some sort.
A 360 degree view from Rob Jackson's, the highest height at the Pines.

The party next door flying the Israeli flag was thrown in honor of one our Israeli neighbors receiving his green card 
The party was pretty fun.
Video of a moment during the neighbor's party.
Things did get wild, just ask Todd and his date Spiderman.
Weirder yet, this is either Rob Jackson or Marilyn Monroe's spirit possessing him 
I tried to teach Patrick how to flag but he was more interested in turning my flags into an outfit.
I ordered Chinese from Brendan but I don't think he understood.
A funny video of Brian werkin it
The stolen disco ball
Last night's group shot, how nice.

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