Friday, August 5, 2011

The Beginning of the last weekend at the Boy Butter Beach House

Everything that has a beginning most certainly has an end. And this summer my season at the Boy Butter Beach House will end a bit early this year. Even though my house in the Fire Island Pines has one more week in September I will instead be exhibiting a booth at the Folsom Street Fair in Berlin. So I have to make sure this last weekend is extra perfect. In the early afternoon yesterday I was given a ride to Sayville by my good friend Michael Lucas, the famous gay adult film mogul, and we rode in on the ferry together to the Pines as well. As soon as I got to the house the first thing I did was put up the Boy Butter flag so people would know that the butter boy was in residence for the weekend. I then proceeded to poster the island up with my Boy Buttery propaganda as per usual. Then I waited for Brendan to arrive on the evening boat and we joined Michael Lucas and his partner Richard for a lovely dinner of eels (which he caught himself as I show in the video below) with some lovely mac and cheese at their sunset drenched home on the bay. I sure am gonna miss being out here.
The Boy Butter flag is erected
The flag flies
Propaganda appears on main bulletin board of the island
Michael has caught our dinner, yum
Michael Lucas's house on the bay
Sunset part 1
Sunset part 2
I love the colors the sunset casts

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