Tuesday, June 28, 2011

West Hollywood finds itself covered in Boy Butter Posters

I never miss a chance to cover any Gayborhood in Boy Butter posters. Los Angeles is no exception and the neighborhood of West Hollywood which has the highest concentration of gay people in the world is the perfect place for such propaganda purposes. Growing up in Los Angeles, West Hollywood was the perfect refuge for a young gay man who needs to trip the light fantastic and enjoy life and take part in this culture. If you ever want to purchase Boy Butter Lubricants in this neighborhood make sure to visit stores like Chi Chi LaRue's, Block Party, Circus of Books, The Pleasure Chest, Unicorn Alley or Toys in Babeland. If you drive around this area, take some photos of the posters and send them to me. I love it.
La Cienega and Santa Monica Blvd
Robertson and Santa Monica Blvd
At the door of famous gay bar, Motherload
This seems like a great spot too
At the magazine and newspaper section of The Pleasure Chest
Outside the number one gay bar, club and restaurant, The Abbey
Stop and look at the Boy Butter poster
I always try to make Gayville just a little Gayer 

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