Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Boy Butter beach house opens Summer of 2011 in the Pines

There’s no place on earth like Fire Island Pines. Fire Island is a barrier island located off the south shore of Long Island in New York. A sought-after summer destination, the island is comprised of several resort villages overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  Well over 800,000 people visit Fire Island beaches each summer which begins in earnest after Memorial Day through to right after Labor Day. Two towns on Fire Island became one of the first Gay and Lesbian towns in the world, Cherry Grove and later the Pines. They proved a refuge for gays and lesbians who sought an escape from the overt discrimination and harassment they endured back on the mainland. Playwright Oscar Wilde was among the first to discover Fire Island. He spent several days at the old Perkinson Hotel in the Grove during his American tour in 1882. Today it is a legendary gay playground for the who's who of gay New York, it is very much like a gay Hamptons, only it's more fun and the guys are in much better shape. The Pines is a place where you can be yourself, enjoy the weather, take some sun on the beach and enjoy some cocktails at Low and High Tea. Low and High Tea are the community’s central social activity filled with drinks and music from 6 to 10 pm then maybe some dancing at the Pavillion afterward. Brendan, myself and several beautiful roommates share a summer beach house that I lovingly call the Boy Butter Beach House with flag perched on top and make sure all manner of Boy Butter propaganda fill the Pines during our stays.
 The Boy Butter Flag waving majestically over our beach house. Gives me tingles.
 I spy a Boy Butter poster somewhere
The beach house expense is not gonna write itself off.
 Boardwalk butter.
I love it.
Video of our beach view

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