Thursday, June 16, 2011

My nephew's 4th Birthday Bash at Chuck E. Cheese

Yesterday was the 4th birthday of my youngest nephew, Michael Peck. It was held at Chuck E. Cheese, a children's sit down pizza restaurant with video games, prizes, other fun stuff and especially noise, kid's love it.  We had a good time and the best part occurred at the end when my nephews were placed in a closed wind chamber with tons of wind and flying tickets they redeem for crappy prizes. Anyways check out the videos, they are so hilarious I almost died laughing. 
 Me and Nathaniel
Me, Chuck E and Donna
My momma and me
The family having fun

2 hilarious videos of my 3 nephews ticket grabbing madness
The birthday boy Michael in ticket chamber
Gabriel and Nathaniel's turn

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