Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ko Samui and Ko Phangan

Brendan and I visited two beautiful islands this week, Ko Samui and Ko Phangon
 Koh Samui is Thailand's third largest island and is less than an hour flight south of Bangkok (or a short ferry ride from Ko Phi Phi or Phuket) and it belongs to Surat Thani Province in southern Thailand. Koh Samui has been developed into a very popular holiday spot and is full of tourists from all over the world who enjoy the natural beauty, top notch resorts, beaches, clubs and countless pharmacies where a prescription is nothing but a mere suggestion. We stayed the peaceful and pleasant Samui Pier Resort, which is right on the beach front on the shores of Big Buddha Beach with breath taking views of Koh Phangan, warm blue waters, a white sandy beach and palm trees as far as the eye can see.  Koh Phangan is the slightly smaller island next door to Samui (just a short 40 minute ferry ride) halfway between the islands of Samui and Tao. It is known as a land of coconut trees and, above all, the world famous full moon parties which are techno crazy raves that attract young hot party animals from the world over

The Samui Pier Resort, which was a great place to stay on Samui, highly recommended.
What service! Shimon, the funny and friendly owner of the Samui Pier Resort sending us off in style as he rode next to us on his jet ski as we departed Samui for Ko Phangan on a ferry. Thanks Shimon : )
One of the most beautiful deserts I ever ate. A sugar candy glass bowl and lid containing 5 small scoops of sorbet. We got this masterpiece at Zazen Restaurant in Samui
Arriving in Kp Phangan and this is Brendan's favorite thing to do, hammock time.
Me posing next to Grandfather and Grandmother Rock, but it is known by locals and tourists as Penis Rock, you can see why.
Brendan is not impressed with the waterfall in Samui, 
"Is this all there is?" he says.
Every McDonalds in Thailand Greets you with a traditional Thai greeting the Wai
Brendan and I with the Gulf of Thailand behind us
Lady Boy full on glamor on Samui
Lady Boy Alert, I think this one is a last minute deal on 
Scooters to a Samui waterfall
Rhianna, if she were a Thai Lady Boy

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