Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kangaroo Marketing on Sydney's Oxford Street

I normally do a little guerilla marketing when I visit a town and especially when I am in a Gay neighborhood anywhere around the world. But I think because we are in Australia we should change that term to Kangaroo Marketing, it just makes more sense and is just a little more culturally sensitive to the Aussies and their ways. When in Sydney make sure to visit the largest Gayborhood of Darlinghurst and especially on Oxford Street which is filled with Gay stores, restaurants, bars and clubs. You would easily find their American equivalent in Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood, CA or 8th Ave in Chelsea or Christopher Street in the West Village. Well yesterday I went hopping around Kangaroo Marketing Boy Butter posters up around the street and visited a bunch of stores who are gearing up for the massive Mardi Gras celebrations that are happening around the city.
I love kangaroo marketing

Me and the manager of The Tool Shed in Sydney
next to a Boy Butter Display
Saint George Bank is getting in on the act.

These electrical boxes are better looking when they are buttered up.
BB poster on Oxford
Boy Butter poster at the Columbian Hotel and Bar
Potential customer walking past a Boy Butter poster on Oxford
A runner jogging past a BB poster
Oxford Street corner
BB poster at The Oxford bar.
I think my work here is done, till tomorrow.

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