Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Criminally Good Massage in Chiang Mai

While in Chiang Mai, Thailand make sure you visit the Chiang Mai Women's Correctional Institution which has an interesting rehabilitation program for soon to be released criminals. The prison sets them up with a savings account and they are taught set of very marketable skills and practice on willing clients who go for an awesome and affordable massage while doing these ladies a bit of good in return. The money they earn from the massages go into their personal bank accounts that they will draw from and grow in the outside world. The massage parlor lies aside the prison and it is filled with grateful, motivated, smiling women who will wash your feet, pull, prod, and twist clients into utter and perfect relaxation. My massage was amazing though at times it felt a bit groin focused, which leads me to believe there are no conjugal visits allowed while these ladies do their time. I did not mind so much, but I think today's massage was the farthest I went with a woman since college. In addition to the massage  program, there is a pleasant cafe, a boutique full of prison-made handicrafts, and a hairdressing facility.  Customers leave the prison feeling relaxed and restored and these rehabilitated inmates leave standing up with a brighter future ahead. 

Prison Photos
Brendan pleased with a parasol made by these crafty inmates.
This is my little lady who massaged me so well, it may be criminal.
It was more fun than that HBO show Oz.


JohnFicticious said...

that's a good way to teach women what they can do with their
potential (not just the bad things)!


Mac said...

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