Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Sunset Song of the Toucan

Have you heard the sunset song of the yellow billed toucan? I have, yesterday around sunset our dear friends and travel buddies Douglas and Matthew invited us into their beautiful peaceful writers villa perched upon a lush verdant forested hill in Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica. Once up you are basically overlooking the coast through on forest canopies with howler monkeys howling in the background, as they do. A large Ylang Ylang tree on the property housed about 8 yellow billed Toucans as they sang through the sunset which you can clearly and audibly hear in this video.. You can not see the long billed birds well in the video I am submitting but you must see these photos courtesy of Douglas himself, they are very National Geographic in quality.

Toucan on the ylang ylang tree
A toucan taking flight 
Video from Douglas and Matthew's Toucan Villa
Photo of Douglas, Brendan Matthew and I at
 Gaia Nature Reserve and Resort in Manuel Antonio CR

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