Sunday, February 27, 2011

I don't think we are in Kansas anymore

G’day from the other side of the planet! The Boy Butter World Tour would not be complete without a magical trip to Oz. One of the world’s most colorful and spectacular Gay events happens right here in Sydney, the city’s famed Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Held since 1978 Sydney's Mardi Gras is the largest Gay carnival of its kind and is listed as one of the world's best events (gay or straight). The main parade this year is the night of the 27th, on Oxford and Flinders Streets by Taylor Square. It will kick off around 7:45 pm with this year's theme of "Mardi Gras' History of the World." The parade is the spectacle of a lifetime, rivaling the world's largest pride celebrations. There are also huge parties scheduled throughout the week, one of which is the famous Harbor Party located right in the heart of the harbor area with breathtaking views of the Sydney skyline, the iconic Harbor Bridge and the famous Sydney Opera House. There are many more events throughout the 2 week long Mardi Gras celebrations and I will be updating photos and videos from as many as I can attend.

Video of Sydney Harbor with the iconic bridge and opera house.
Photos from the 2011 Sydney Harbor Party
Dance floor with the Opera House in the background
I love beach balls
Harbor Party with the Sydney skyline
Refreshing popsicle tubes perfect for the hot weather
Be careful of the sharks as this gal can attest
My favorite shot from the party of a woman
 I have named Yoko Oh-No

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