Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day with the McGoverns

Celebrating Christmas is always a nice affair when it is with my lovely in laws in Holmdel NJ. Today we huddled around the living room next to the tree and exchanged gifts and pleasantries, it was beautiful. We all got what we wanted and enjoyed the best gift of all, giving. Here are a few photos of the McGoverns, Hamilns and their teeny tiny little Jewish boy, me.

Brendan just got some liquor called St. Brendan's
(this will totally reinforce my mother's belief that gentiles are drunks)
Uh oh, Bren with some more liquor ; )
Sister and Brother in law, Jack and Eva Hamlin filled with Xmas joy.
My parents in law Barbara and Terry opening up their presents.
(I got her a Bonsai Tree & a scarf and Terry got a new iPod nano)
Terry opens up his gift
And last but not least, I got a couple cool gifts too ; )

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