Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Recap of My 33rd Birthday Bowling Boogaloo Party

My 33rd birthday bowling pizza party was an awesome success. We actually held it at the same bowling alley where I had held my 11th birthday party. But this one was about million times more fun and the whole family and some amazing friends showed up and had some good old fashioned fun. We bowled, we laughed we ate pizza and cake, and even ran around the parking lot with sparklers.

Photos and Bonus Action Videos of Family and Friends:

Jamie and Regina, my swim teammates and long time friends from UCSD. 
(I know we all look the exact same as when we were in college 
mostly cause chlorine suspends the aging process)
(Happy Momma) Etti Feldman and her little boy

My beautiful sister Miri Peck, me and my cute nephew Michael 
and her husband Dan Peck.
Me and my little sister Donna (looking like Ms. August FHM 2011
even at my bowling party, sigh, cause she is)
BMac and his little giant

Bonus Videos: 
Bowling Alley Parking Lot Chariots of Fire
Regina Larson Bowling it up

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