Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hispanic Gay Magazine, Ambiente Magazine profiles Eyal Feldman

My name is Eyal Feldman, born 1977 in Israel and raised in Calabasas,  California since the 1980's.

Eyal Feldman: 33 year old inventor of Boy Butter 
Personal Lubricants had a dream of becoming a 
teacher. Graduating from UCSD (Univ. of California, 
San Diego) in 2000 with a degree in History, Eyal 
moved to NY to work for a bit and discover himself 
after a few years Boy Butter was born. Boy Butter was 
to be a personal lubricant packaged more like a 
food than an adult product to remove any shame or 
stigma associated with sex products. That idea 
seemed to work out, he would revive cream 
lubricants to popularity from the 1970's, which fell out
of favor due to the rise of condoms and safe sex of 
the 1980's. Boy Butter came to Market memorial day 2003 and became a bestseller since. He has since invented the first water based and condom safe  cream lubricant, You'll Never Know it's Not Boy Butter, which quickly became his best selling products because they were the first water based products that 
never went sticky or messy and actually improved the feeling of safe sex. His company is growing and growing and lives in New York city again and promises to improve upon the world of sex, Boy Butter now has over 25 products in the 
line, to learn more visit, or visit Eyal Feldman's  blog, 

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