Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Modelinia Exclusive: Donna Feldman Turns Bond Girl for Visa

My sister's Black Card commercial officially has well over 1 million views already and the buzz over Donna Feldman just gets louder and harder to ignore. Read this exclusive interview by Modelina, the model industry's top blog and click here to view the original article.
It’s not every day that a model gets to dress up in all black leather, ride a motorcycle, and jump out of a helicopter into a massive body of water. So upon viewing the new Visa Black Card commercial, Modelinia knew we had to chat with Donna Feldman about her Bond girl experience. Donna enjoyed the full action movie treatment while filming the commercial: a set in the South of France complete with super-luxe products including a pair of black Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses, a Ducati Monster 1100 motorcycle, a black MD-500 helicopter, and a Pershing 88-foot yacht. James Bond only wishes he had it as good.
You must have felt like a true James Bond girl with all the action going on in the new commercial!
One of my career goals has always been to land the “Bond girl” role so playing a strong powerful, sexy woman in an action packed commercial like this certainly gives me the best practice. This amazing  commercial made me feel like a true bond babe!
Had you ever been on motorcycle before filming the commercial? What was it like?
I had an experience once in my life on a motorcycle and it certainly wasn’t a Ducati Monster like the one shown in the commercial. This was a heavy-duty incredible machine!
Which scene was your favorite to film from the commercial?
My favorite scene would have to be the actual jump off the helicopter into the ocean. What a rush!  Never in my life would I have imagined the day that I would jump out of a moving helicopter and in a bikini of all things.
What do you like most about being on set/filming?
I love the creative process of being on set.  In addition to the girly part like getting dolled up in incredible wardrobe, hair, makeup, etcetera, my favorite part would have to be collaborating and hearing the vision that the director has in his or her mind and helping make that vision a reality.
How did you get your start in modeling?I got my start in modeling when I was studying fashion marketing/merchandising at FIDM in Los Angeles. I thought a good way to network with designers was to become a fit model for various clothing lines. That naturally led to clients and then agencies asking me to pose as a model in print work. Luckily hard work, determination and being business minded has helped me in my career and lately I have been busier than ever in the modeling world doing international campaigns, covers and catalogs.
You’ve done print and runway work as well as commercials and music videos, which is your favorite?
I also have acting and TV hosting under my belt which I never in a million years thought I would get involved in!  As a little girl I was painfully shy so nobody that knew me as a child could believe I chose a career that automatically makes you the center of attention. The reality is that I have always looked at modeling as a form of acting. I am always playing a new character with the hair, makeup, styling and art direction. As a model you are always evolving into a different person in a different scene. It’s hard to say which aspect of the industry I enjoy most, since I love each part of it,  but I have to honestly say that this new Visa Black Card TV commercial and print campaign is by far one of the most amazing projects I have been involved with. It’s not every day that I get to play the part of an adventurous woman who lives in a dream home living the dream life!

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