Sunday, April 18, 2010 reviews Glass Toy and Boy Butter

Aurora Borealis, the icy sky at night...Yep, I just can't stop singing these lyrics even long after I removed this delicious toy from my ass. Something tells me Marlon Brando, Pocahontas, and even Mr. Young would have wanted to add this icy delight to their conversation around the fire.
The Crystal Delights glass anal plug by Virtually Adult is a toy that immediately made me squeal with girly excitement when I unwrapped it. I had no idea what a bundle of joy I was about to be presented with since the packaging of the toy resembles a protective case for eye glasses and not that of a high-end erotic toy. I unzipped the carabiner-attached case and was surprised to find a gorgeous glass butt plug with a swirling whirlwind of northern lights on the inside.
The end of the plug's handle is inset with a colorful crystal jewel that matches the gleam of the colors inside the glass. The girth of the plug is moderately shaped, enough to notice but not too much to feel too full. It has a long and slender stem, more so than any of my other anal glass or steel plugs, but not too delicate as to insight worry about a possible break. The toy comes nestled in protective foam and secured by an elastic strap. On the other side of the case is a zippered pouch that contains a few flavored condoms (not my favorite, but props for the cute gesture of making them chocolate) and a sample packet of Boy Butter, which is an oil based lube that is fantastic for use with this toy.  It's consistency is literally that of room temperature creamed butter, and the combination of it with the glass material of the toy smoothly slides in my rectum just like butter passing over my lips. Just like the ol' saying goes, "It's better with butter!"

This type of foreplay is exactly what I want from anal sex whether I play solo or with a partner. I want to feel sexy and truly enjoy initial anal entry as much as prolonged internal use. I also don't want to take it (or give it for that matter) without my ass ready and begging for this sensation. Foreplay is incredibly important to me in general for amping my attraction and desire. With anal play I find this slow sexy initial tease to be essential for my optimal enjoyment.

In the past, I have put steel versions of toys such as this in my ass and ridden as a passenger on a motorcycle. Not only did that make me feel powerfully sexy, the vibration from the bike simulated feelings of being fucked in the ass. That physical sensation mixed with the anticipation of more in-depth penetration from my partner's member when we reached our destination drove me wild and fully quenched my desires for creative, adventurous and romantic sexuality. This toy would easily work for the same purpose and I fully recommend trying it out. Yes, glass is safe to use. No, not all glass products are made the same, so it is important to make sure that you make smart choices when choosing. See this article for more details on glass sex toy safety.
Nadia Boots

Nadia Boots

Nadia Boots is a San Francisco native who grew up surrounded by new-age hippy values and obsessive computer geeks. She survived by first getting lost in nature and books and then finding herself in the study and practice of human sexuality. Ms. Boots indulges this interest both academically and physically; she likes it both ways.

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