Friday, January 8, 2010

A Jew Among The Heavyweights

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Roman Greenberg prepares for next month’s fight

BY MARC TRACY | 10:00 AM Jan 8, 2010
Roman Greenberg, the Moldovan-born, Israeli-based heavyweight prizefighter, will enter the ring next month in Ukraine for the first time since his only defeat, in August 2008. He is training with his old coach outside Haifa, and plans to spar with the Klitschko brothers, the world’s two top heavyweights (who, unfortunately for violence addicts, refuse to fight each other). Can’t get enough about Jewish boxers? Douglas Century published a biography of triple-division champion Barney Ross for Nextbook Press. And check The Scroll for updates as the details of Greenberg’s bout solidify.
Greenberg Looks to the Klitschkos for Inspiration [The Jewish Chronicle]
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